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Mathiu is the nephew of Leon Silverberg, and brother of Odessa Silverberg. He started his career as military strategist early by serving under Kasim Hazil during the Succession War. After that he served under his uncle, Leon Silverberg, as Vice-Strategist, and reluctantly followed through with the Kalekka Incident. However, he resigned from his position following the incident, and decided to become a tutor for children at the rural village of Seika. There he acquires Shu and Apple as his pupil (Shu was later expelled for "using his knowledge for selfish motives"). After the death of Odessa Silverberg, Hero McDohl asked Mathiu to help the Liberation movement, but Mathiu initially declined. However, when Kasim Hazil sent soldiers to force Mathiu back into his service, Mathiu decided to join with the Toran Liberation Army. Mathiu used his tactical genius to bring the Toran Liberation Army to victory, but also allowed Jowston forces composed of Tinto and South Window armies to occupy the Senan Area, forcing the new Toran Republic to war against Jowston immediately after its formation. Mathiu was mortally wounded during the siege on the "floating fortress" of Shasarazade due to the betrayal of Sanchez, and died shortly after the liberation of Gregminster. This entry is a footnote from suikox dot com.

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