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Matt "PR_Flak" Frary is a seasoned PR professional with more than 12 years of experience driving outreach campaigns for consumer technology and video games.  Matt has directly managed campaigns for more than 40 games as well as numerous gaming peripherals like graphics cards and mice. He is currently an owning Partner at Maverick Public Relations, a boutique PR agency providing public relations as well as community building and management services for video game launches.

Matt has been with Maverick Public Relations since July 2007, when he left his secure and cozy publisher-based PR gig and moved out of Los Angeles to rural Massachusetts, chasing a higher quality of life and a bit more freedom in his career.

Matt’s strategic outreach campaigns have generated impressive sell-through results, including more than 12 million units sold in North America and more than  20 million units sold worldwide.

Prior to joining Maverick PR, Matt drove global communications strategy and execution for Vivendi Games’ Sierra Entertainment division in Los Angeles.  Matt’s successes with Sierra include the high-profile launch of Scarface: The World Is Yours, which generated 600 million impressions in print, broadcast and online media in North America alone.  One of the largest launches of 2006, Scarface sold-through more than 2 million units worldwide. 

In addition, while at Sierra, Matt handled the Crash Bandicoot franchise title, Crash Tag Team Racing, working with teen, youth and parenting media to create a launch that moved more than 1 million units.

While at Atari, Matt created and executed one of the most significant public relations campaigns in video game history – the launch of Enter the Matrix – a game that went on to sell more than 5.5 million units worldwide. Enter the Matrix became the industry-wide model for promoting big Hollywood IP-based games and for coordinating outreach with studio talent, public relations and management.

Matt’s in-depth efforts fostering and developing the Unreal community through four franchise releases, spanning more than three years,  dramatically impacted the release of one of the most successful multiplayer shooters in franchise history – Unreal Tournament 2004.

As a Senior Account Executive at The Bohle Company in Los Angeles, Matt developed and executed targeted product and corporate outreach strategies for numerous technology and entertainment clients that included Activision, id Software, 3DFX, Karna, Red Jade, Inc. and Fathammer.  While at the company, he worked on the consumer media launches of such industry icons as Quake 3 Arena, Quake 3 Team Arena and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, while also driving the corporate launches for ARUSH Entertainment and Fathammer, Inc.

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