Anyone buy this?

#1 Posted by EpicSteve (6500 posts) -

It's actually a pretty decent side scroller. If anyone's interested, I'm down for some co-op.

#2 Edited by Ghostiet (5449 posts) -

I felt that it could warrant a purchase. In terms of video game parodies, the French-comic book based Asterix & Obelix XXL2: Mission Las Vegum did a similar thing and it was stellar.

And the live-action trailer for MH was AMAZING.

#3 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -
@Ghostiet: Agreed with the trailer. I hope the brand succeeds for the sake of the things that aren't games. I could picture a movie or TV show that wouldn't be complete trash.
#4 Posted by Jeust (10908 posts) -

I was thinking about it, but i'll wait till after the reviews.  The price is a little steep ($15)!

#5 Posted by septim (774 posts) -

I'm surprised they are still trucking with the Matt Hazard brand. I thought that game was a massive critical and commercial flop.

#6 Posted by GenghisJohn (257 posts) -

I just got done playing the Trial.  I thought it was a piece of trash and I was happy when my time expired.  Deleted

#7 Posted by ttocs (786 posts) -
@septim said:
" I'm surprised they are still trucking with the Matt Hazard brand. I thought that game was a massive critical and commercial flop. "
It's still a pretty funny idea though, and the developers are at least tongue in cheek about the failure of the game.
#8 Posted by MildMolasses (3230 posts) -

Only played the demo, but it would have been so much better if they had stolen Shadow Complex's control scheme. I know that it's supposed to be contra style, but come on, we have multiple dirctional inputs on our controllers now. Let's use them

#9 Posted by cobble75 (47 posts) -

I played the demo, it was awful.
#10 Posted by Meltac (2011 posts) -

The price was a little high, and it didn't help that the controls were pretty annoying, when you have played Shadow Complex.  I liked the idead with shooting in the background, but it annoyed me how you were running the way you aimed, and if you hold LB/RB in you couldn't move at all. Apart from those things, I thought it was good enough. Defiently liked the idea, with the different worlds, but I will most likely not buy it.

#11 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

no PC version, doesnt concern me

#12 Posted by MeierTheRed (4942 posts) -

Demo sucked, never buying it.

#13 Posted by Hot_Karl (3309 posts) -

I'll download the demo when I get back from classes later this afternoon, but it seems pretty cool. I'll probably pick up the OG Matt Hazard game, mostly for the points & the next-to-nil price tag, but this one seems legitimately good. 
Also, I had heard differing statements regarding this, so I guess EpicSteve maybe you can answer. Is the co-op local only, or online & local? I read somewhere that it didn't include online play, others said that was untrue, and I'm just confused now.

#14 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1657 posts) -

lol people are being really really rough about this game haha 
I'm giving it a chance, since I kind of enjoyed Eat Lead despite it's huge problems... biggest disappointment of 2009 lol

#15 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -

maybe is the co op  online or just like same screen

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