Rorie is pretty great, but just how great is he?

Posted by Amikron (375 posts) 11 months, 15 days ago

Poll: Rorie is pretty great, but just how great is he? (874 votes)

He's great. 22%
Pretty great. 29%
Super great. 41%
The greatest. 60%

With all the effort that goes into moderating Giant Bomb, I just wanted to make a thread to point out how great Rorie is. From his love of puppies and his joy in sharing them with us, to his fantastic job with moderation, I think Rorie is a pretty cool guy.

The question then becomes: Just how great is he?

Also here is a picture of a puppy:

(Shout out to the rest of the moderation team as well for their tremendous efforts in keeping this site going, your efforts are all greatly appreciated.)

#1 Posted by cbk486 (219 posts) -
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#2 Posted by handlas (2929 posts) -

This is spam. Lock this thread Rorie.

Ok, he's great. Although I don't pay attention to all the negative happenings lately. I like to live ignorantly of intolerance.

#3 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

I voted for he's great and super great!

#4 Edited by TheHT (12561 posts) -

Rorie's a champ, but with all the forum schenanigans I can't help but feel he's being stretched a bit thin to a not okay point. Or maybe that's just the general vibe of this place these past few weeks.

I hope they put out the new rules soon.

#5 Posted by probablytuna (4230 posts) -

He's the officially elected Golden Duder, of course he's the greatest.

#6 Edited by Corevi (6793 posts) -

I occasionally get annoyed when Rorie knows nothing about videogames during UPF but otherwise he's pretty great.

Alpha Protocol was a really good game. Macs are for assholes (unless you dualboot).

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#7 Posted by Milkman (17998 posts) -

I heard he worked at Obsidian.

#9 Posted by Amikron (375 posts) -
#10 Posted by Lab392 (365 posts) -

"Matt dares, wins."

#11 Posted by Legend (2695 posts) -

He's one of the nicest people on the internet. The guy seems to actually care about users of the site.

#12 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1859 posts) -

He really is the kawaiiest of the kawaii

#13 Posted by conmulligan (1243 posts) -

Such an outstanding dude.

#14 Edited by csl316 (11072 posts) -

Rorie's the Golden Duder for a reason. If you ever spent time on the Screened forums, you'd know how much the dude cares about his web zones.

I just went to the Bombcast and saw comments about moderation (the Bombcast, the holiest of comments sections). Skimming through, I didn't see anything terrible so the team must've done a great job. I missed whatever hub bub there was.

But come on guys... let em get a good night's sleep.

#15 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1104 posts) -

I love Alpha Protocol

#16 Posted by FinalDasa (2493 posts) -

@milkman said:

I heard he worked at Obsidian.

Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol is a great game, and made by one man I hear!

Moderator Online
#17 Posted by MikeFerrari7 (261 posts) -

We need to see the return of "Holy Shit That Guy Is Wasted" Rorie.

#19 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

That being said, Enterprise is the worst Star Trek.

#20 Posted by sub_o (951 posts) -

He's the greatest, until he sees an Apple product. Then it's "$2000 trashcan, lol" troll again.

#21 Posted by Strife777 (1766 posts) -

I want with super great and the greatest. I would've gone for just the greatest, but that's a bold statement.

I mean Rorie is way up there in the pantheon of deities, but you know.

#22 Edited by DaddyCabinet (281 posts) -

I am just going to leave this here.

#23 Edited by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

He has the patience of a saint dealing with all the ugliness he has to deal with sometimes.

Hey, @rorie, here's a picture of the new puppy I'm getting on Saturday.


She's an English Cream Golden Retriever.

Thanks for being awesome, duder!

#24 Posted by wjb (1763 posts) -

"...but is he too great? The full report after the break."

#25 Posted by BlastProcessing (947 posts) -

He is a human piece of shit.

#26 Edited by BisonHero (8564 posts) -

@MikeFerrari7 said:

We need to see the return of "Holy Shit That Guy Is Wasted" Rorie.

What about the return of fly-as-fuck, still-wide-awake-at-7AM-after-clubbing-all-night Rorie?

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#27 Posted by Calmgamer (227 posts) -

So many damn adorable puppies.......ahhh..... you win. I voted greatest. Puppies clinched it.

#28 Edited by JRM (236 posts) -

Rorie's the shit, that dude works hard.

#29 Posted by Tajasaurus (1404 posts) -

I don't know what happened today, but Matt Rorie is Earth's most beautiful person

#30 Posted by SJQPersonal (170 posts) -

@rorie You ROCK dude. We appreciate all of your work!

#31 Posted by TruthTellah (9651 posts) -

Through fire he is being forged into one of the greatest among us.

Each day, he gets stronger and stronger...

#32 Posted by ToTheNines (1101 posts) -

somewhere between really great and the greatest.

#33 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6345 posts) -

He's just about the best there is, and that's putting it lightly. The job he, along with the rest of the mods here, do is outstanding. I went into the bombcast comments and can barely tell there was a hubbub.

But seriously though, what's up with the giant bomb community lately? It's just seems like one shitstorm of assholes after the other. I remember the days when all we had to worry about was when the next endurance run was going to happen. :(

#34 Edited by myheaditches (16 posts) -

This here is Merlin circa 2011, a few months old. He's a white long haired german shepherd.

#35 Posted by ripelivejam (6446 posts) -

What garbage i came to this thread SPECIFICALLY for pictures of welsh corgi puppies only!

So hook a duder up ;)

@rorie you continue to amaze me with your saintly patience and dedication to the community. GB is so much richer for your presence.

#36 Posted by Immunity (80 posts) -

You're a greatest.

#37 Posted by StarvingGamer (9172 posts) -

Wish Rorie was on more content. He seems to have the greatest appreciation for/comprehension of strong mechanical design in games which is right in my wheelhouse. Most of the content on this site is entertaining. Anything with Rorie in it tends to turn out genuinely informative. Now I'm seriously considering buying Divinity.

#38 Edited by TruthTellah (9651 posts) -

What garbage i came to this thread SPECIFICALLY for pictures of welsh corgi puppies only!

So hook a duder up ;)

@rorie you continue to amaze me with your saintly patience and dedication to the community. GB is so much richer for your presence.

#39 Edited by A_E_Martin (418 posts) -

I love Gigu.

#40 Posted by Monkeyman04 (1526 posts) -

I voted for all the options.

#41 Posted by rmanthorp (4290 posts) -

He's like 100x great to the power of infinity.

#42 Posted by Daiphyer (1419 posts) -

He really is the kawaiiest of the kawaii

Rorie san wa ichiban kawaii Giantbomb hito da yo.

Banzai, Rorie san.

(I am Japanese beginner, please forgive me senpai)

#43 Posted by Geralt (371 posts) -

What a bunch of ass kissers. Rorie is pretty great but greatest? Really?

Maybe super great.

#44 Posted by AMyggen (5045 posts) -

@tajasaurus: Some drama in the Bombcast comment section. You can probably figure out what happened by reading that.

And Rorie is the greatest.

#46 Posted by Fattony12000 (7968 posts) -

I clicked all of those poll options.

#47 Posted by YOUNGLINK (586 posts) -

He's awesome! Cheers to Matt for turning the shit stroms into little drizzles on the forums. So happy he came back!

#48 Edited by ShaggE (7226 posts) -

I don't know how he manages. I missed the latest asshole uprising, but I pieced together what happened, and wow... it had to be rough digging through so much hate and stupidity. I've done forum moderation before, and it left me a bitter, bitter man.

The puppies of the world couldn't ask for a better man to be chomped by.

#49 Posted by Pie (7219 posts) -

I don't know how Rorie does what he does and then continues to interact with people on the forums in normal intelligent conversation. Dude is the best

#50 Edited by Bollard (6518 posts) -

I remeber the first time I saw Rorie on GB, back during the end of that Star Wars MMO stream when he was pretty drunk. Absolutely couldn't stand the guy, thought he was really loud and irritating.

Once he joined the team proper, though, I realised how wrong I was. I love what Rorie does for the community, and he's great on video too. Also, I'm a cat person, but I can't help but appreciate his undying love for puppies.


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