Rorie is pretty great, but just how great is he?

Posted by Amikron (407 posts) 1 year, 18 days ago

Poll: Rorie is pretty great, but just how great is he? (875 votes)

He's great. 22%
Pretty great. 29%
Super great. 41%
The greatest. 60%

With all the effort that goes into moderating Giant Bomb, I just wanted to make a thread to point out how great Rorie is. From his love of puppies and his joy in sharing them with us, to his fantastic job with moderation, I think Rorie is a pretty cool guy.

The question then becomes: Just how great is he?

Also here is a picture of a puppy:

(Shout out to the rest of the moderation team as well for their tremendous efforts in keeping this site going, your efforts are all greatly appreciated.)

#52 Posted by Jazz (2336 posts) -

Well it has been a long road...

Rorie has always been pretty awesome afaik.

#53 Posted by Robsamuel (124 posts) -

All of the above.

#55 Posted by TheLastGunslinger (388 posts) -

Came here to say how great Matt Rorie is, stayed for the puppies.

#56 Posted by Humanity (12027 posts) -

Matt Rorie used to be a gentle pug but now he's like a pitbull!

#57 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1334 posts) -

He's awesome!

#58 Posted by Excast (1299 posts) -

Rorie is great, though I hope he isn't burning himself out by trying to remove every trace of negativity from Giant Bomb comments.

#59 Posted by helvetica (147 posts) -

The best. Big ups to the moderators for what they do.

#60 Posted by Loafsmooch (472 posts) -

I voted for super great. If everyone had the same supergreatness as Rorie, there would be no wars.

#61 Edited by GregoryGold (452 posts) -

He's the best, and this pup will deal with anyone who says otherwise!

(I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to deal with the circular arguments on the forums in a civil manner)

#62 Posted by SpaceRunaway (910 posts) -

I kind of hate that Rorie has to be the one to deal with the worst of the worst, but he is amazing at it, and continues to do a fantastic job interacting with the community all around. Someone get that man a delicious Coca-Cola® beverage, cooled to exactly 33°C.

#63 Edited by Irvandus (3118 posts) -

@clonedzero: I'd take Enterprise over the first season of TNG, come at me!

That being said Rorie is probably the MVP of Giantbomb. It's awesome how much work he puts into trying to keep this a nice site to be a part of.

#64 Posted by pweidman (2453 posts) -

He's great. He had me at that first DS quicklook. He should be doing more of that type of stuff btw.

#65 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5336 posts) -

You know I keep thinking that one of us should use these butter up threads to ask Rorie about Alpha Protocol and his time at Obsidian in general.

AP is no lie one of my top 5 RPGs from the 7th generation. Aside from a few odd comments he's made in past shows I don't think he's ever talked about it. Hell, nobody who worked on it ever talks about it (that I know of).

#66 Posted by bemusedchunk (846 posts) -

greatest ever of all time ever.

#67 Edited by mrfluke (5682 posts) -

Yea, i imagine this is very stressful for him, just had a recent run in with him about my bombcast comment, and he was a gentleman about the whole thing.

#68 Posted by chimpchamp (49 posts) -

Rorie is the greatest, and the mods work is very much appreciated. However, even though I like a cute puppy as much as the next person, his puppy fascination completely confounds me.

#69 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7737 posts) -

Rorie gets props for actually participating in the community, unlike those other people. I only like dogs that don't bark.

#70 Posted by Animasta (14827 posts) -

Basically the best

#71 Edited by SirOptimusPrime (2038 posts) -

Rorie is the fliest, most dapper motherfucker here. He's the One True Community Manager (I have no idea what your title is), and reading "I just wanted to play some Divinity" on twitter genuinely made me really sad. May there always be puppies in your life.

#72 Posted by RazielCuts (3092 posts) -

You're great.

#73 Posted by AlKusanagi (1182 posts) -

But what is the common opinion of the cat lobbyists?

#74 Posted by pyromagnestir (4391 posts) -

@ripelivejam said:

What garbage i came to this thread SPECIFICALLY for pictures of welsh corgi puppies only!

So hook a duder up ;)

@rorie you continue to amaze me with your saintly patience and dedication to the community. GB is so much richer for your presence.

That dog is addicted to balls look at him he's got the shakes it ain't cute it's sad he should be in rehab if not he'll be selling all the silverware to get his next fix with a pack of tennis balls.

#75 Posted by effache (198 posts) -

@MikeFerrari7 said:

We need to see the return of "Holy Shit That Guy Is Wasted" Rorie.

What about the return of fly-as-fuck, still-wide-awake-at-7AM-after-clubbing-all-night Rorie?

Loading Video...

Holy fucking shit this is incredible

#76 Posted by Vahleticar (245 posts) -

I mean, he's pretty great but Alpha Protocol was pretty meh so I dunnoooooooo

#77 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2072 posts) -

Yo, why isn't "It's been a long road..." not even an option?!

But I digress, Rorie is the greatest for being able to commit and put up with are shenanigans and antics!

#78 Edited by csl316 (11224 posts) -

Wait, it's been several days. Are we still talking about how great Rorie is?


#79 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7737 posts) -

@vahleticar: Rorie transcends talking about Alpha Protocol for no reason.

#80 Edited by JustinNotJason (444 posts) -

@MikeFerrari7 said:

We need to see the return of "Holy Shit That Guy Is Wasted" Rorie.

What about the return of fly-as-fuck, still-wide-awake-at-7AM-after-clubbing-all-night Rorie?

I appreciate up all night, possibly coked up Rorie.

#81 Edited by cooljammer00 (2381 posts) -

He responded to an email I sent him on a Monday night almost instantly, as if we were chatting with each other on an instant messaging platform.

That's how great he is.

edit: Also I had never seen coked up Club Rorie before, so now I'm watching that.

#82 Posted by Sweep (9776 posts) -

Rorie is so great he once broke up a fight between a shark and a bear.

#83 Posted by ripelivejam (6650 posts) -

hey rorie's pretty cool. still kind of a damn nerd tho. :D

also reptiles>rodents>cats>dogs, but dogs are still pretty cool!

i'm going to get banned aren't i

#84 Edited by GregoryGold (452 posts) -

@bisonhero: Mildly-bewildered, overheating, post-ravey M.R. may be the best possible M.R.

#85 Posted by Vahleticar (245 posts) -

I just watched the pathfinder stuff, yeah he's pretty great!

#86 Edited by Sbaitso (609 posts) -

#87 Posted by Vahleticar (245 posts) -

In part one Rorie is dying for a smoke. Bless him

#88 Edited by GamerChiCcK (73 posts) -

#89 Edited by Tirion (200 posts) -

I haven't been active enough to understand how much his work helps the forums, but I've been spent a lot of time just reading threads here and it's without doubt one of the best forum climates I've ever experienced so he seems to do a great job and kudos to the moderators as well. I would however like to se him in more content, he was great in the new Pathfinder video.

#90 Posted by DeadpanCakes (1113 posts) -

Apparently I voted for all the options at some point... I stand by my vote.

#91 Posted by DJKommunist (245 posts) -

i think matt rorie is really fun and cool fucc haters matt ur the best dont let nobody tell you different i love u

#92 Posted by Vahleticar (245 posts) -

Rorie is the guy we all are. But in reality he gets up to much more

#93 Posted by DrDarkStryfe (1340 posts) -

When Rorie was the odd man out in the Whiskeyocalypse, I was pretty bummed. I got into Screened because of Giant Bomb, and fell in love with the Rorie/Navarro pairing. At the time, I was a bigger fan of their podcast than the Giant Bombcast.

He is incredible at what he does, and I am extremely happy that he was able to land on his feet at Giant Bomb after a rough year for him.

#94 Posted by TheHT (12682 posts) -

@gamerchicck: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my god.

"He's the law around these parts, but I'm an outlaw! CHOMP!"

#95 Edited by supermike6 (3777 posts) -

I love Rorie on UPF. He makes the silliest comments and asks such dumb questions that no one can ever tell if he's serious or not. Whenever he's on I just crack up. Also, behind the scenes he works hard on moderating and managing everything, which is quite a task. Was Matt Rorie a discovery or an invention?

#96 Edited by Vahleticar (245 posts) -

@rorie You look great in blue

. Take them glasses off ahhhwhhaaaa

#97 Posted by GregoryGold (452 posts) -


#98 Edited by Lunnington (391 posts) -

Dude, Rorie, you're like so cool man. Like, woah.

#99 Edited by Hassun (3840 posts) -

@bisonhero: One of my favourite moments. The way he just walks in through the shot as if they're not livesteaming, wearing shades inside and looking fly as fuck. So so good.

P.S. I voted for every option because I could.

So do I, Matt. So do I.

#100 Posted by kewlsnake (168 posts) -

@sweep said:

Rorie is so great he once broke up a fight between a shark and a bear.

Rorie fought on a bet with Superman. Whoever lost had to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.

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