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Conceptualized as a long range weapons platform, the Mauler is a direct descendant of the ill-fated Inner Sphere assault 'Mech chassis known as the Daboku (which was itself a derivation of an abandoned Capellan Confederation BattleMech called the Linesman). Introduced in 3038, the Daboku was famously unpopular among MechWarriors for a number of reasons, not least of which was a design flaw which could cause a direct hit to the 'Mech's center mass to be interpreted as a pilot-threatening ammunition explosion, thus triggering an unwarranted auto-eject. General opinion of the Daboku after its launch was in fact so poor that by the time its manufacturer Luthien Armor Works completed a revision which aimed to address many of the original 'Mechs flaws, its reputation had become so tarnished that the decision was made to rechristen the 'Mech entirely, leading to the official adoption of the 'Mech's Davion codename, Mauler. The redesign produced a much more successful 'Mech, and while the original Daboku has all but disappeared, the Mauler can still be found within most of the Draconis Combine's military units.

In terms of capabilities, the Mauler's standard configuration is clearly intended to provide maximum potency at a distance, with all of its weapons being effective over extremely long ranges. This includes two Autocannon/2s in both the right and left torso, which can be used to finish off a weakened target or harass enemies with limited long range options. For more heavily protected targets, the Mauler carries two LRM-15 racks on either side of its cockpit, and each arm is mounted with an ER Large Laser, providing it with the bulk of its firepower. Like most assault 'Mechs, the Mauler suffers from poor speed and maneuverability, and when combined with its singular focus on long range armaments, it can have significant difficulty dealing with quicker 'Mechs that are able to penetrate the effective range of its guns. A later variant, however, the MAL-1K, modified the original loadout heavily, most notably by adding Snub-Nose PPCs to the design, making the Mauler a more formidable opponent in close quarters.

Vital Statistics

SchematicProduction InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Weapon Loadout
Mauler Schematic
  • Introduced: 3038
  • Affiliation: Inner Sphere
  • Designation: BattleMech
  • Designer: Luthien Armor Works
  • Production Planets: Luthien & New Samarkand
  • Cost: 18,399,600 C-Bills
  • Class: Assault 'Mech
  • Weight: 90 tons
  • Armor: 11.5 tons Ferro-Fibrous
  • Maximum Speed: 54 kph
  • Jump Jets: None
  • 4 Autocannon/2s
  • 2 LRM-15s
  • 2 ER Large Lasers

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