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UFC Career

Shogun signed with the UFC after Pride was bought by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and he made his American debut in 2007 at UFC 76. His first fight was not a successful one as he was upset by TUF winner Forrest Griffin by rear naked choke.
At UFC 93 he had his next match in the UFC in a fight that he had wanted for a long time, a rematch against Mark "The Hammer" Coleman. Their first fight in pride ended with Shogun popping his shoulder out on the mat and Coleman not stopping his assault even after the ref tried to break it up. Shogun got his revenge against Coleman issuing him a TKO in the third round. 

 Next, Shogun fought one of the greatest light heavyweight to ever compete in the UFC, Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell at UFC 97. Shogun defeated the former champion with ease via TKO in the very first round.
Most recently, Shogun got a shot at Lyoto Machida's Light Heavyweight title at UFC 104. Shogun shocked the world by beating "The Dragon" down and taking him the distance. Shogun, however, was not able to deafeat Lyoto convincingly enough for the judges and lost. Due to the fan outrage at the decision both fighters agreed to an "immediate" rematch.
The rematch took place at UFC 113 where Shogun wasted no time in beating "The Dragon", knocking him out in the first round earning him his first UFC title and knockout of the night.

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