How I play shooters, and why I shouldn't join the military.

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The great thing about Max Payne 3's multiplayer is that, after a match, you get some interesting statistics on how you and your competition played. Among these statistics is a cardboard cutout with bullet holes, which models where your shots tend to land. I assume this is so players can work on their headshots and accuracy. For me, it's a great piece of evidence for why I should never handle a firearm in real life.

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This game is fun.

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Duuuuuuuuuuuuude...stop shooting people in the dick.

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wow..... remind me to call you when I need a circumcision performed.

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"That's not cool Butters."

#5 Posted by HatKing (6524 posts) -

@greggd: Is it better or worse that I'm not doing it intentionally?

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You're a dick.

I'm funny.

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@hatking: Worse, because it means you're doing it subconsciously.

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@greggd: I've long suspected my fascination with genitalia. But I'm no sexist, I shoot women in the genital triangle as much as I shoot men. Equal opportunity groin mutilationist.

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What would freud say? Probably that you have an Oedipus complex.

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I like how you throw in a kneecap every now and then.

Mixing your mutilation: it's a good thing...

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You'd probably be handy for breaking enemy morale.

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@mlarrabee: I was looking at the chest shot there. I was like "oh, I was aiming for their heart." That was great, not completely useless. Then, I just had the realization, I wasn't aiming for the heart. I shot somebody in the tit.

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That's fantastic.

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Part of me wants to congratulate you. The other, cynical part of me figures that they have it set up so if someone's shots are generally below the waist, it shows it like that. Because dick jokes.

I would prefer to congratulate you.

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The most common spot to shoot people in shooters is right around that sacred area. Also not to worry, the US won't actually get in a war with anyone that could possibly have a chance; we'll just threaten sanctions (spooky).


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