Max Payne 3 PC - Initializing Error Fix

#1 Posted by falpatrick (186 posts) -

Hey duders. The steam summer sale has officially kicked off and I'm sure some of you will be buying Max Payne 3.

First time you load up the game you may be puzzled as to why it's not loading. It just gets stuck on *initializing* forever.

It seems that there is some kind of game crushing bug that prevents Rockstar Social Club showing up.

I've made a quick tutorial on how to fix this so if you are having problems getting past the Initializing screen; give this a try. I can't guarantee that it will work for you but it certainly worked for me. (I am running Windows Vista 64bit)

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Are you still having problems? It keeps popping up telling me you're "playing Max Payne 3".

#3 Posted by falpatrick (186 posts) -

@GetEveryone: Nah; was just playing around with the graphics. Was causing me to restart. Game seems to work fine now.

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@falpatrick said:

@GetEveryone: Nah; was just playing around with the graphics. Was causing me to restart. Game seems to work fine now.

Mind me asking what sort of rig you have?

I tempted to get it (again), but I'm not particularly convinced it'll run as well as I want it to.

Great game, regardless.

#5 Posted by falpatrick (186 posts) -

@GetEveryone: My game runs at 100-400 fps lol the only setting not Full is anti aliasing that is at x2.

My rig:

Intel i7 920, Nvidia Geforce 580 GTX, 6GB Ram, Vista 64bit

#6 Posted by Feikken (226 posts) -

thanks for the fix!

#8 Posted by Intro (1246 posts) -

Really wished this worked for me. I can't get the damn game working worth shit. Steam and Rockstar haven't been any help. Regret buying this game online, now I'm out $60 since I bought it full price near launch date.

#9 Edited by TheKramer89 (442 posts) -

Game isn't working for me either. When I try to sign in to "Social Club" it says in red letters "Please ensure you have an internet connection and try again." Apparently it's a very common problem and hasn't been fixed. Buncha bullshit.

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