Max Payne 3 PC - Multiplayer Tips And Tricks

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Hey guys im new to this forum and i just wanted to put my self out there here, My friend told me that you guys are great set of people and i should get to know you all, so thats what i am here to do.

I make youtube videos and im not sure how cool this forum is about posting stuff to it so if its not ok, just say and I will stop doing it either way I want to stick around here for a while and meet some great people. I made a new max payne 3 video hope you can check it out

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Mods need to get on these morons

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@murisan said:

Mods need to get on these morons

If you feel like it's spam, just flag and move on. Posting in such topics only benefits the spammers, unfortunately.


I'm going to assume you're a legit new user to the and not just trying to pimp your Youtube channel. In that case, welcome :)

The community is usually pretty hostile regarding topics that are created that could be considered Youtube spam (Just a vid with little to no discussion value). You'll be looked on in a more positive if you write up a few lengthy paragraphs that will incite discussion about the linked video, though.

Regarding this particular post, whether intentional or not, it seems like you're just trying to get people to have a look at your vid (not trying to be a dick but Tips and Tricks vids usually have little discussion value unless it's something far far out of left field). If you've got something you feel is real unique (read: not already covered in a bunch of other YT vids), maybe write a bit about that along with the video so we'll have something to discuss in the forums rather than just posting a quick comment on the YT page.

I hope you're not turned off to Giant Bomb based on this reception. I hope you stick around :)

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@MrOnGamer: Hi MrOnGamer, welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, this thread is arguably YouTube spam and we don't want to encourage people signing up to the site just to immediately promote their YouTube channels either. I'll lock this thread up, but if you want to promote your YouTube channel here I suggest posting in the Share Your YouTube Channel thread. Thanks.


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