PSA: only 5€ on european (or at least dutch) XBL

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Hey duders I just noticed Max Payne 3 is only 5€ on the dutch XBL marketplace. Don't really have any way to confirm where that is the case as well, so check your dashboard. Major Nelson announced here it would be 15$

This is the best deal of the on-going Games on Demand sale by far so I thought I would let everyone here know, so they can grab it while they can, which should be possible for the next few hours. Get it!

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11.99 on + shipping comes to 16 bucks Canadian

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There was major deals on US and UK Xbox a month ago. Max Payne 3 was available for £4 on Demand. I checked to see if I could make a profit for trading Max payne 3....I could trade it for £3... losing £1.

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