The Gang Wars Mode is so frigging cool.

#1 Posted by jerseyscum (1050 posts) -

I love playing elements from the story and the variety of modes. The best part about Gang Wars is that either faction can take the upper hand at almost any time. I've seen one match where we had all the objectives locked down until the final showdown....then got our asses kicked.

I just can't freaking wait for more maps and modes to come out. The Rockstar pass seems totally worth it at this point. BEST MULTIPLAYER MODE EVER.

Just why are all the Tropa Z guys wearing shorts? It looks silly with a ski mask and light body armor.

#2 Posted by JeanLuc (3795 posts) -

I agree. In fact, I think the Max Payne 3 multiplayer in general is pretty fun.

#3 Posted by AjayRaz (12660 posts) -

i just started gang wars yesterday and i think it's really cool. is it always the same game mode order on a specific map or is it always randomized? i only got to play a couple of maps once. i especially like how they settle the score at the end of each match.

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I really like the different times of day and weather effects per map. That combined with objectives other than kill the other team, narrative voiceovers, and background music definitely keeps things fresh.

#5 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -
@AjayRaz: it's randomized depending on the outcome of each round with the last round always being team deathmatch or team survival
#6 Posted by CapnThrash (152 posts) -

are there only 3 maps for gang wars?

or am i just getting unlucky with repeats?

#7 Posted by rolanthas (257 posts) -

Well there are the favela, hoboken, docks and the bus station. I don't know any other. Terminal and Police Station would be great tho.

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