wtf is with the aiming when you look through a scope?

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Just come across this today. Why the hell have they done this and why did they actually think it was a good idea? You look through a scope on a weapon and all of a sudden left stick becomes aim as opposed to right stick like it normally is. Not only that it moves your character about a little too. This is ridiculous. It literally makes the controls southpaw when you look through a scope. What's the crack? Is this actually deliberate or a glitch? This shit needs fixing.

360 version btw

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Apparently there's a glitch with scopes when you're using inverted controls. I've heard of people having this problem, but whenever I played a sniper section in my game it was always on the right stick. It says on their support site that they're looking into it.

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Ahhh ok, cheers. The sniper section in my game is also fine. It only happens during normal play and multi-player when you use a gun with a scope on it. And yeah I use inverted. I can't play on normal. All the many years of using inverted just makes a game near unplayable on normal for me now. I can't adapt to it. Although I might have to try then because this southpaw glitch issue is horrendous. It's completely unplayable with that.

Glad it is a glitch though and not some bizarre design choice. Although how the hell does something like this get through QA.

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@Viggo said:

Although how the hell does something like this get through QA.

lol. skyrim sold a bajillion copies and won a bazillion GOTY awards.

devs don't do QA anymore. they release broken games and try to fix them with patches. and people still line up to buy them.

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