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Rockstar delivers on action and spectacle, sans Max Payne-ness 0

Though some would argue that he never left our hearts, Max Payne’s belated arrival on this generation of consoles comes with a set of laden questions for the ardent fan. The words on lips of gamers with only a nodding acquaintance with Max’s illustrious legacy of shootdodging and painkillers run along the lines of: “Is this a Max Payne game? Is Max Payne 3 soaked in goofy melodrama, ridiculous writing, liberal daubs of Hong Kong action and neo-noir style? Is this the same Max Payne that was made...

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It wears Max and Me Down 0

Max Payne 3, and many video games like it, are filled with excuses. The effort and sweat required to create a conflict and sustain it, like so many attempts by other non-military shooting video games, the way college roommates or distant uncles attempt to tell a bigger tale than the one before in an effort to impress a family, is near obvious. I played Max Payne 3 in one day. I had walked into Blockbuster with a previous Max Payne in mind, and a broken Xbox (I played using my roommate’s), and a ...

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My Best Attempt at a Review 2

You know, I was just starting to slightly lose hope in video games. Do game companies now expect us to pay 60 bucks for an essentially glitch, unfinished game and shell out an extra 30 bucks to pay for DLC? I remember a time when games took their time at perfecting a game to the best of their abilities and, sure, there were occasional glitches but, at least we felt like we got our money’s worth.Then, Rockstar games came along with Max Payne 3 and reminded me why they made me fall in love with ga...

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A cut-and-paste job that loses the soul. 0

I waited patiently for eight years to experience this game. Remedy formally leaving the franchise for Alan Wake was a blow to me that I thought tragic. If only younger me knew of the greater tragedy: actually playing Max Payne 3. In an almost meta-aware move, Rockstar made the actual Max Payne 3 experience a hard-boiled tragedy for the player, assuming they were a long time fan of the series. Initially, the game starts of great, but the obnoxious Tony Scott style visual effects, self-loathing di...

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Max Payne 3 Review: Man on Fire 0

I never played Max Payne 1 or 2, so I went into Max Payne 3 pretty blind regarding expectations from the series. Remedy was the developer behind the first 2 games in the series, but Rockstar took development into their own hands for Max Payne 3, and it was this that primarily made me interested in playing the game. LA Noire was a really interesting, albeit flawed game bearing the Rockstar logo, and Red Dead Redemption is one of my favourite games of recent years so I was anticipating Rockstar's ...

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“A Max Payne game by not-Remedy? Such dribble. I do not condone such sacrilegious language. Such a sequence of words is and forever will be prohibited,” you spit out to the Internet.“Yes, yes, yes,” the Internet says.A loud agreement was finally in order – Rockstar, this not-Remedy, would definitely not be able to make a proper Max Payne game. A Max Plank game? Maybe. A Mark Plum game? Definitely, but not a Max Payne game.So here we are with Max Payne 3 and that's what it definitely should be ca...

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Rock Payne 0

Max Payne 3 isn't really a Max Payne game. At least, it's not like Max Payne 1 or 2. This game is its own game - and while it might star a character called Max Payne, voiced by the same voice actor, it's really not a Max Payne Game - it's a rockstar game.And it's a damn good one.STORY:Max Payne 3 takes place roughly a decade after Max Payne 2. The years have not been kind to Max - he's an absolute drunk, he's been fired from the force due to his actions in Max Payne 2, and he's addicted to pain ...

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Max Payne 3 Review 0

I'm going to just start with I've never played the previous titles, so I walked into this game not knowing much of what has happened, and as I've been told several times, don't even dare to bring the movie into the discussion. So here we go... You are Max Payne, you're sick of being pushed around, and you need an escape from your normal surroundings so after a run in with an old academy friend, and a little extra persuasion you decide to take a private security gig in Brazil. Your job is to pro...

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No easy retirement 0

Max Payne is now retired, but has not been able to get over the unfortunate events that plagued his life as a New York detective. He now spends his days in bars, slowly drinking himself into nothingness but soon gains the task of protecting a rich and prominent family in Brazil when an opportunity arrives from a fellow ex-cop. When things go array with his new job, Max must depend on the skills that allowed him to down his past foes and attempt to take over the addiction he has gained in his mid...

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Old School Hero!!!!! 0

“Max Payne 3” is an intense, brutal and incredibly satisfying and rewarding shooter. It just isn't a very good Max Payne game.They dont make´em how they used to anymore!The main problem with the game is the story. The plot is hard to follow and far too unfocused. The game is set in Brazil and we´re introduced to various lawless factions, paramilitaries, rogue police groups, plain old criminal gangs but very soon the whole thing is a chaos with motivations being unclear and after a while I just l...

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Max Payne 3 Review 0

Max Payne is a fish out of water - a weathered soul from a previous existence. Living in a self-induced purgatory of painkillers and whiskey he works as a bodyguard protecting one of the richest families in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He constantly relives the consequences of his past actions, which led to the death of his wife and daughter. Max could never save lives with his bullets, only take them. As a bodyguard, these skills are pretty useless.As an arbiter of vengeance though, your resume would be ...

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No es bueno 1

It's unfortunate but Max Payne 3 is not a good game. It's a mediocre game. And for a few reasons that are easy to spot but I assume difficult to fix, because they shipped the product with them. And it all boils down to the animations vs controls when shooting.Your suspicions about the quality of the shooting creep up on you very slowly as the chapters progress, but as the difficulty ramps up throughout the game, and they throw increasingly large hordes of dudes for you to shoot in the face in sl...

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Pleasure In Payne 0

What do you get when you mix dual-wielding, slow motion, mountains of dead criminals, and an excessive amount of pills and booze? You wouldn't be too far off if you guessed "one hell of a Friday night", but it's actually Max Payne. All of these crucial ingredients play an important part in Max Payne 3, Rockstar's first stab at the third-person shooter series, and the first Max Payne title in nine years. One may argue that the New York setting is also completely vital to the franchise, and upon t...

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An incredibly satisfying shooter experience. 0

It's been some time since the last Max Payne game and the franchise has since swapped hands, going from the folks at Remedy over to Rockstar. I know more diehard fans of the series have had concerns about what Rockstar has done with the game, but as a more casual Payne enthusiast I've got to say they've made what I feel is a spectacular action game. Rockstar has something of a tradition of poor quality gunplay in their games, which I think they started to fix when they did Red Dead Redemption bu...

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Max Payne 3: A Bullet In Time 0

The origins of everyone's favorite pill-popping time manipulation aficionado slash ex-cop trace back to the rise and subsequent reign of the PlayStation 2. Our introduction to Max Payne's tragic universe begins with a punch to the gut with the immediate death of his wife and baby daughter. The perpetrator of their murder was a band of drug-infused psychopaths, and the substance they took in was being produced under the name "Valkyr." From then on, Max sets off on a case to locate and halt the pr...

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The flesh of fallen angels 0

Max Payne 3 reviewed by Doc D StrangeAs a long time fan of the Max Payne series, Max Payne 3 is finally fucking here! WOW! I never thought I would be saying that. Rockstar Games took the reigns as the developer for this game when the first two games were developed by Remedy Entertainment who are hard at work with they're Lost/Twin Peaks inspired games in the Alan Wake franchise. Rockstar Games were the publisher's of Max Payne 1 and 2 which makes the 3rd game so different yet similar in many way...

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Max Payne 3 Review 0

Following soon after the premier of the first Matrix film, and not long before the second, Max Payne was one of the first video games to truly capture what it felt like to be a badass action movie hero (or arguably anti-hero) in interactive form. I played through the first Max Payne when I was eight years old, back in 2001. Honestly, I'm willing to bet playing a game like that at such a young age (as well as countless other Rockstar games from as far back as I can remember) had a significantly b...

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Rockstar Ruins Max Payne's Heart and Soul 0

As a huge fan of the originals, so I was a bit skeptical when I saw that Rockstar was going to develop their own Max Payne game. I loved the noir and the grittiness that Remedy crafted with the first two Max Payne games as well as the Matrix-esque bullet time gameplay. I have also loved most of Rockstar's own developed games such as the GTA series and Red Dead Redemption. Finally got around to getting Max Payne 3 when it was super cheap, and boy was I glad I got it for as cheap as I did. I will ...

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Awsome return 0

I found max payne 3 great it can be difficult I read complaints of not being able to clear a room while in bullet time I did not have this problem also max slow to get up after a bullet dodge I just click bullet time while down and keep shooting I had nothing but fun with this game and would highly recommend it...

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More grim, more booze, more bullets 0

Whilst waiting the extra two weeks for the PC version of Max Payne 3 to come out I've been playing through the first and second game to reacquaint myself with Max and his dark, noire world. In some ways MP3 feels very much like a direct sequel and in others much more like a new franchise. A big part of that can probably be blamed on the amount of time that has passed since the second installment. Cover mechanics became a mainstay of third person shooters, recharging health systems are pretty muc...

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Shattered My Expectations 0

Max Payne has a long and storied history. Originally developed by Remedy, Max Payne was a tongue-in-cheek noir thriller that was the first game to utilize the bullet time effect made popular by The Matrix. As a hard boiled, Mickey Spillane-type NYPD detective, Max waged a one man war against the mob after his wife and baby daughter were killed, turning the bright cop into a depressed pain killer addict. The Punisher Max ain't, but he's damn near close. Keeping the violence in check was a healthy...

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Where's the coin slot? 0

Boy oh boy did I hope this one would be amazing. Been such a long wait! Well I stepped up and bought it day one, eager to jump back into some Film Noir inspired bullet-time madness, and sadly I found myself instead feeling like I was playing Smash T.V. instead. Why you ask? Well, not only is this game one of the longest single player, shoot the same dudes over and over again experiences, but it's also cheap. Cheap how? Well, let's just say I found myself shooting the same guy over and over again...

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Nearly There: Incredible Core, Uneven Wrapper 0

Max Payne 3 is an excellent, but flawed new take on the franchise. At its core, the nugget of gameplay that makes Max Payne so fun (almost unfairly fun, really), the slow motion shoot dodging, is smoother and more stylish than it’s ever been. The surrounding package – the UI, story, presentation and pacing, however, do leave something to be desired.1. Slow motion is really cool. 2. Guns are fantastic. John Woo put these two things together a long time ago and created what we call today balls-to-...

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A great addition to the franchise. 0

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present Max Payne. New York's finest, with the biggest mobster bodycount ever.It’s been almost 9 years since we’ve last seen Max Payne. Rockstar Games had a lot to prove taking on the continuation of this classic PC third person shooter, since the original developer- Remedy- parted ways with Max in 2002, when they sold all the rights to Take-Two Interactive. Has Rockstar succeeded in making a true, worthy sequel, or is Max Payne 3 a max pain to play?I didn't lik...

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Much like pain killers, this game is addictive. 0

Having not played the other Max Payne games, I wasn't to sure what to expect from this. After putting the disc in and watching the first cutscene, I knew I was in for something special. I'll break this down into a few different sections to talk about each part.PresentationI love the presentation that the game has and the feel it gives to the game. The first thing you notice about the cutscenes is the amazing style to them. Just watching the quick look you can see some cool things. The way the ca...

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A Modern Day Max Payne for Better and Worse 1

When Rockstar set out to make the next Max Payne game they planned something different. From the very first press images we got of a bald, bearded Max running around a sunny, tropical paradise it was apparent this wasn’t going to be your typical third entry in the series. In an age where repetition reigns king and sequels are scarcely more than expanded DLC packs that throw in a few new gameplay elements it was interesting to see if this bold (heh) new direction would pay off in the long run.You...

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Bold and Back on the Sauce 0

Max Payne 3 is Rockstar’s follow-up to Remedy’s Max Payne 2 from 2003. It’s been nearly 10 years since Max’s last outing and he’s returned old, jaded, and on the sauce. This time the slums of New York City have been traded for the rough underbelly of São Paulo. Rockstar has put its own touch on the game, forging a mature narrative and adding a cover mechanic. The still frame, comic-style presentation has been traded in for a more cinematic styling, brimming with visual effects. A rock-solid pres...

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Very strong action. 1

The action is good. The story is stylishly done, but looking back on it, not particularly interesting. This is a game about the action, the shooting, the jumping, the moment-to-moment gameplay, the "what's around this corner" moments, the "oh-fuck-oh-fuck ohhh fuckkkk moments" and it does it well. I really, really had fun playing this game and I was incredibly addictive.That said, the whole experience isn't that memorable. The action is tight, but that's about all there is to it. If you want a g...

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A Slow-Mo Drama 0

While not the most innovative game I've ever played MP3 is still a fun and rewarding game on both the singleplayer and multiplayer fronts. True to form the game has all the blood, bullets, and slow-mo we expect from the Max Payne series, while abandoning the noir graphic novel style of story telling used by the previous two entries. This isn't an issue however because the new visual style fits well with the more dramatic and cinematic tone of the game. The controls feel as tight and precise as y...

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A Fantastic coupling of action and story-telling 0

There is always unease and a certain amount of skepticism when a beloved franchise that has long since closed it's doors is uprooted for one last ride. Perhaps that unease comes from the reasoning that a sequel can't possibly hope to do the series justice or in this specific case, a brand new developer takes the reins from the original creators of the franchise. Here we have Rockstar Games, best known for their work on the Grand Theft Auto franchise and most recently Red Dead Redemption, taking ...

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Max'imum Max 0

When I saw Max Payne was back I was so excited due to the original Max Paynes being my two favourite games of all time. So I purchased Max Payne 3 on the Playstation 3 as I get nearly every game on the Xbox and I honestly just fancied a change. The first thing I have to mention is how long it took from inserting the disk to playing! From update to install to menu to playing took around twenty minutes (this is one of the reasons I usually go for Xbox games, due to the non compulsory game install)...

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My Max Payne 3 Review 0

I never played either of the first two Max Payne games, they seemed to slip past me during a time that gaming wasn’t all that important to me on the PlayStation 2. So I came into Max Payne 3 cold and was somewhat afraid that I would be lost with not playing either of the first two games, but I can say with ease that Max Payne 3 seems to hold up fine on its own, which it probably would have to with it being almost a decade since the last sequel came out. After Remedy split ways with the franchise...

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Gritty Follow up to a Classic Game but not without its Faults 0

For those who want to relive the kind of gritty noire game that was Max Payne 1 and 2, Max Payne 3 is an apt update and well worth your time. The comic book style of the first two games has been modernized via a Tony Scott film but the gameplay of great slow motion and shoot dodging is well executed. The game also takes a bit of skill much like the original and cannot be played via a run and gun mentality. And while I enjoyed the challenge through most of the game, there was a major flaw in the ...

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Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun. 0

After nearly a decade we are finally offered up another Max Payne game by none other than Rockstar. As someone who was not entirely a fan of the originals from Remedy I went into Max Payne 3 with varied expectations. Thankfully Rockstar has not only made a great game but they have brought an aged franchise into modern times and done it quite well.The gameplay is typical of Rockstar third person games in the essence of Red Dead and GTA. However unlike in GTA the character movement doesn't seem so...

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John Woo people in the face and forget the consequences 0

Max Payne has got to be the most down on his luck and depressingly grim character gamers will have ever been invited to inhabit.Not only is the guy chronically addicted to painkillers (a health device neatly incorporated into the narrative), he’s blind drunk through most sections of the game and possibly the most incompetent bodyguard of all time.Set many years after the second game, we pick up with Max escaping his troubled life following his wife and child’s murder to Sao Paulo, Brazil where h...

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Max Payne's Return. 0

It's been a while since we've last played a Max Payne game. If you remember, Max wasn't in a great situation at the end of the second game. This is still apparent as Max is even more depressed and frustrated at his poor life that keeps getting worse. After certain events that are covered early on in the game, Max ends up in Sau Paolo, Brazil with a new opportunity. Max's story can best be described as a stranger in a strange land mixed with the movie Max on Fire. The main crux involves a deep co...

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A Welcome, Yet Mixed-Bag Of a Return. 0

Max Payne 3 swings in as another heavy hitting game from Rockstar studios, and it should surprise no one. After pumping out mature title after mature title for the past few years, creating Max Payne 3 seems like a match made in heaven here. For the most part Rockstar finds the proper balance of gritty story-telling that's suited Max through his previous two adventures, yet I can't help but point out a few faults that put me off on Max Payne 3.Let's get this out of the way now, if you decide to l...

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No excuse for bugs 1

Okay this game would have been a 4 star but I removed 1 star for a glaring bug. There were several points in the game where if I was in cover Max would get stuck and remain in cover unable to move at all until the bad guys shot him,. I had to restart the checkpoint many times. The fact this kept happening after cut scenes make me think this could have easily been picked up. I am sick of games getting away with glitches like this, it's inexcusable to spend millions or in some cases hundreds of mi...

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