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Where's the coin slot?

Boy oh boy did I hope this one would be amazing. Been such a long wait! Well I stepped up and bought it day one, eager to jump back into some Film Noir inspired bullet-time madness, and sadly I found myself instead feeling like I was playing Smash T.V. instead. Why you ask? Well, not only is this game one of the longest single player, shoot the same dudes over and over again experiences, but it's also cheap. Cheap how? Well, let's just say I found myself shooting the same guy over and over again, watching him fall down after 4-5 bullet hits, only to stand up like nothing happened. But it's random you see. Sometimes you'll kill the enemies in one hit. Sometimes 17. And no, it has nothing to do with skill or if you land a head shot. It's just broken, in a really bad way. Auto aim is a great idea, and I loved it in many of my favorite Rockstar games previously, but why does it auto aim for the enemies knees? Cheap! And why is it painfully slow to get up after having a seriously annoying shoot off when you're about to die?... Only to get shot by 20 dudes you can't face fast enough in the first place. Frustrating!! I love a difficult game, but not a painful one. One that makes you play the same scenario 20 times with a horrible VO introduction that repeats every time!!!!

This game was a huge disappointment. The story is extremely cheesy. The voice acting is laughable. The video effects that play out every ten seconds are completely unnecessary. Who decided to do the dorky type effects that spell out every other word the actors say? Sooooo sooooo bad! And the quicktime events that go on for 20 minutes are aggravating beyond belief.

The only thing I could compare this game to is one of those ripoff arcade games you shovel buckets of money into, with no real reward for finally making it all the way through. The first ten minutes are the same as the last ten minutes, and it's just not worth your time.

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