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Anybody psyched about it?  Mark Wahlberg a good choice for the lead? Sound off!

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I think it could be alright.  The whole angel thing threw me off a little, but hopefully that is just part of a dream sequence or a reaction to Valkyr.  Wahlberg seems like a good choice, but it is a movie based off of a video game so we gotta wait and see

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Yeah I hope its more game related too

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Br3adfan said:
"I think it could be alright.  The whole angel thing threw me off a little, but hopefully that is just part of a dream sequence or a reaction to Valkyr.  Wahlberg seems like a good choice, but it is a movie based off of a video game so we gotta wait and see"
Yeah the angels are weird. Luckily though it seems they got the whole noir feeling of it and they included some of the bullet-time stuff.
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To be honest I'm actually kinda excited for it.

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Yeah, I don't remember being this excited about a videogame movie since...well, ever.  I'm equally psyched about BioShock being a movie, but too early to tell.  I like the trailer for Max Payne and I agree that the angel had better be a reaction to Valkyr.  I read an interview with Wahlberg and he stated how they couldn' t really make the movie exactly like the game, because it would be impossible...I don't know about that, after seeing things like Sin City and such, but hopefully it just keeps the tone and atmosphere above all else.  He also stated that Max Payne was the most difficult character he has ever had to play, emotionally and psychologically, which I definitely agree should be the case, so I hope he nailed it.  I hope there is some stylized bullet-time sequences but I have a feeling they won't do any slowmotion things at all.  Oh and there better be painkillers!

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Yes. The "winged creatures" are Valkyr effects. Do you remember, from the first game, the quote, "The flesh of fallen angels"? Well, I believe they are taking that quote literally. No worries. Those creatures are NOT real.

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Oh god the trailer for this movie looks awesome.  The only thing that disappoints me is that this will be getting a pg-13 rating. 

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Damn, I totally didn't take into account the rating...I must not have registered it...PG-13, that sucks.  The game definitely needs an R-rating supplement.  Hopefully they hold back more on the swearing than the violence.

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You guys do know that other incredibly dark films, such as the Dark Knight, and action-packed movies like Live Free Or Die Hard had a PG-13 rating, right? They can certainly do a lot with PG-13 nowadays. PG-13 isn't the same rating it was 5 years ago. There isn't a total, complete set rating as of yet, even though the actors said they were hoping for a PG-13.

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I wonder how the effect is going to be.

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I can't really see why it would need an 18/R besides for the Valkyr references, but it seems that that has already been taken into consideration with all the angels we've been seeing in the trailers. Also, I quite like Marky Mark so I'm pleased he got to be Max, obviously there's others i'd prefer, notable former Oz actor Dean Winters, but that's still a much better casting choice than Mila Kunis as Mona and Ludacris as Jim Bravura. I mean, seriously, what?

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Yeah I don't get the Ludacris casting at all.  Not to be racist at all, but just look at the game...Jim Bravura is an older, heavyset, white male.  What the hell?  As for Mila Kunis, I won't judge her til I see her portrayal of Mona in action.

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I'm excited, but I was disappointed to find Mila Kunis to be in the casting. Also, Ludacris as Bravura is just wrong. I love Ludacris, but as Bravura? *shrug*

Still, I'll watch it.

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Looks like they were going more for MP1 Mona than MP2 Mona in casting Mila.  Which I guess I can get behind aesthetically, though it remains to be seen (by me, anyway) if she can be anything other than Jackie and be half-assed believable.

Ludacris as Bravura?  Is that who that was?  I guessed from the trailer it would be Beau as Bravura and Ludacris as BB, not the other way around.

Also, the actress for Michelle is a visual win.  Too bad she'll probably be dead for most of it.

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Anybody see the new full trailer? Wow, amazing overall but I'm still iffy on the heavy emphasis on the Valkyries....if it's played off as no more than drug-induced psychotic visions then that's fine, but it just seems like a lot to me.

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Bullet time looks dumb

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Saw the trailer in the cinema tonight. I'll give it a chance!

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