sepultallica86's Max Payne (Greatest Hits) (PlayStation 2) review

Max Payne is an awesome action game with a great story

Max Payne is a third person shooter graphic novel, and its an experience that you won't want to miss out on. This game has you using Max and seek out to avenge your family, using multiple weapons roaming the streets of New York killing bad guys working for the people responsible. The controls are very tight and work very easily, with the average third person shooter controls. Also taking painkillers will revive your health. The coolest feature is the ability the slow down time like from The Matrix and shoot enemies in slow motion. You will find yourself going from level to level gathering intel and weapons, as well as items carrying on the story displayed out in graphic novel form. For the time this game looked pretty good, with the occasional frame rate drop. But aside from that this game is very fun to play, and will enjoy every minute, as well as the awesome narrated graphic novel scenes which look stunning, and keep you wanting to engage in the game more, and keep coming back until you finish the game satisfied.


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    Max Payne was a great success on the pc but for some reason rockstar down graded this great game to a lame game. 2002 saw the success of halo and other great games but on the pc rockstar made a game called max Payne and released it. It was a great success but the game turned lame as it arrived its way to the ps2. the storyline of this disastrous game is a cop called max Payne who is chased by his demons and sooner and later a plot was made to smoke out his family and as you proceed through this ...

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