Voice Actor

#1 Posted by SuperMooseman (358 posts) -

Who did you prefer doing the voice of Max?

  • Nick Jameson (Hit the Road)
  • Robert Tinkler (cartoon)
  • Andrew Chaikin (season one, episode one)
  • William Kasten (season one, episodes two-six; season two)

I personally don't have a favourite as they each good in their own way. I know that's a bit of a cop-out answer, so if I had to pick someone, William Kasten might just win.

#2 Posted by evilmonkey (35 posts) -

i cant tell much diffrence between the voices but i hate sams voice in the new episode sam and maxes he sounds so different

#3 Posted by foolman (82 posts) -

Yeah I'm for William Kasten, he has great timeing.

#4 Posted by KensterFox (246 posts) -

I definitely prefer William Kasten to Andrew Chaikin. Also, if William hasn't surpassed Robert Tinkler for having done the most Max dialogue, he soon will (that is, if Telltale does a third season of Sam & Max, which I have to think they will).

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