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When the Shining Force first enters the town of Ribble, all the houses are locked and its inhabitants are hidden in fear of the Devil army. After convincing the townspeople that the force is human and friendly, the town opens up but remains fearful. Bowie meets May in this town and she joins the force looking for adventure and life away from a closed off village.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

May is the first dedicated ranged fighter of the Shining Force. While Kazin and Sarah both learn offensive magic spells and Chester can equip spears, May is the first who relies purely on ranged physical damage. She shares the strengths and weaknesses of her centaur compatriots when it comes to movement. She can move great distances over simple terrain but becomes hampered quickly in sand, forests or mountains.


Pre-Promotion: Ranger (RNGR)

Post-Promotion: Bow Knight (BWNT)

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