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In Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Maya is working on a story about JOKER, which leads her to Seven Sisters High School. Her main method of attack is her dual handguns, and her starting persona is Maia.

Is reknowned for her can-do attitude (punctuated with her Engrish catch phrase "Let's positive thinking!") and often acts as the moral heart of the parties. Keeps Mr. Bunbun (a stuffed rabbit from her childhood) with her as a prop in this.

Persona 2

Maya's Persona is Maia (マイア) Moon Arcana

In Innocent Sin Maya is a playable character and one of Tatsuya's love interests, but in Eternal Punishment she is the silent protagonist.


Tatsuya and Maya are both referenced in Persona 3 through the Hermit social link. The player meets a woman in the online game Innocent Sin Online, she calls herself Maya and suggests that the player should name himself Tatsuya.

Also referenced in Persona 4 through the TV announcer Mayumi Yamano.

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