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Maya Visari, despite being the daughter of the head of New Helghan, takes the fight for her people to the field as a highly-trained intelligence operative and assassin. Her half-breed nature doesn't muddle her vision; she's as tough and loyal as any other Helghast, and is willing to do whatever it takes to secure the safety of her people. She nonetheless sees the threat that the Vektan bio-weapon poses to both sides if it is deployed, and fears Vekta will end up like Helghan: a lifeless husk.

Breaking Lucas Kellan out of a Helghast prison, she manages to enlist his help in killing a defector from Vekta who had both created the bio-weapon and re-purposed it for use against the Vektans. With both her and Kellan outcast to their respective societies, she provides him with overwatch and intelligence toward the latter part of the game.

While of light build, she is a lethal asset on the field. With an expertise in light firearms and sniper rifles, she is more than capable of handling any threat she is presented with.

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