Maya is the best character in the series

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This is an irrefutable fact. Discuss.

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I love her... :'(

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What happened to her? She disappeared by the time Apollo showed up

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@wmoyer83 said:

What happened to her? She disappeared by the time Apollo showed up

Have you played AA5? She's briefly referenced. It seems like she spends most of her time focusing on her training these days.

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Dude Oldbag got that nice pussy though.

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I forgot how much I love these games. I never finished AA3, played 3 cases of AA4, and I don't have a 3DS for AA5 :'( Seeing this makes me want to replay it all. They're just, like, the perfect stories.

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That sure is a weird way to spell Gumshoe.

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@hungry said:

That sure is a weird way to spell Gumshoe.

I know, right? What a weird typo.

Anyway, Maya is actually my least favourite sidekick in the series. She's adorable and everything, but aside from the basic traits that all the sidekicks share (naïve young girl who pesters the main character and is rather goofy), Maya's specific quirks were the most annoying.

I really, really liked how they wrote Ema Skye (as sidekick) in the bonus case of the first Ace Attorney because I found her way less annoying than Maya, though I haven't liked Ema's appearances since. It's like, once she got demoted from sidekick to random NPC, she suddenly has to have a weird gimmick (in Ema's case, constantly munching on "Snackoos", at least in the English localization), and I kinda wish they would've just left her as is. It just feels like she got demoted from main-character tier down to Wendy-Oldbag tier, and suddenly Ema has developed this cartoonish gimmick she has to be seen doing in every single scene. As much as I'm fine with how cartoony and goofy Ace Attorney is, sometimes I wish the secondary and tertiary characters weren't quite so one-note (the characters in Ghost Trick are still fantastical and not very realistic, but never as stupid as "I must whip someone every 10-15 seconds"). Ema wasn't so annoying during her brief appearance in the Miles Edgeworth game, if only because she was really flat and unremarkable and barely in the game at all.

And for reasons I can't articulate super well, I liked Trucy Wright more than Maya as well, though I think Trucy ends up being very similar to Maya in a lot of ways. Still, I think Trucy was written in a more endearing way, and the way she would talk about Phoenix usually got a chuckle out of me. Plus Trucy's outfit is rad.

Still haven't had a chance to start AA5 yet, so can't comment on that one. But all the sidekick characters fill a very similar comedic role, and are written very similarly, so I don't expect a lot of surprises.

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