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Mayhem in Monsterland was produced by Apex Computer Productions who also produced Creatures and Creatures 2: Torture Trouble.  The game was released in 1993 and was pretty much the last big release for the Commodore 64.

It was a side scrolling platformer with the titular hero Mayhem, who was a brightly coloured Triceratops setting out across Monsterland to collect magic dust and bring the colour and happiness back to the land.

Mayhem would travel through Jellyland, Pipeland, Spottyland, Cherryland, and Rockland and first off atempt to collect the correct magic dust quota to turn the dark land back into a brightly coloured one. 

Once this task was complete he set out across the same land which was now a happy place to collect enough stars to open up the exit to the next land.

The game featured brilliant graphics and slick gameplay similar to the Sonic and Mario games.

A bit of an unappreciated classic which brought an end to the Commodore 64 era of gaming. 
The making of the game was chronicled in Commodore Format and was given a 100% score in its final review.   
As well as the mobile game mentioned below, Mayhem In Monsterland is also available on Virtual Console.

A sad, dark place, need more magic dust...

Much better, now for those stars

A version of the game was released in 2004 as a mobile phone game called Mayhem's Magic Dust.

Mayhem's Magic Dust on mobile phone


....goes to work....

....across the lands....

....collecting dust

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