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Although he is the mayor of Rivervale, Gubbin doesn't really do a whole lot. While most would not speak of it openly, it is understood that Gubbin is the mayor based on his immense wealth. How he obtained this wealth is mostly unknown, but he is reknowned as one of the craftiest rogues in recent history. The mayor keeps Sheriff Roglio at his side most of the time for when major decisions must be made, and Beek Guinders, the High Priest of Mischief, often is the one who represents halflings for foreign relations when dealing with the humans of Freeport and High Pass. If asked, many would probably tell you that Guinders was the true leader of the city, but Gubbin is still well liked by the people.




  • Guardians of the Vale
  • Mayor Gubbin
  • Merchants of Rivervale
  • Storm Reapers

Opposing Factions

  • Dreadguard Outer

Related Quests

  • Rogue Epic 1.5: Fatestealer

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