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Maze Action was first released in japan in the "simple series" under the name  "Simple 2000 Ultimate Vol. 8: Gekitou! Meiro King" on the 24th of april 2003 and was released in europe 10 months later, on february the 24th 2004.
Maze Action is a game where you have to find the 4 hidden keys in a maze that will activate a portal to finish the level. However you'll have to do this while avoiding traps and your opponent who also is after these 4 keys.




Cindy Trent
Name: Cindy Trent
Origin: Britain
DOB: 4/7
Blood type: O
Hobby: Yachting
Skill: Speed


Story Mode:

Engage 3 mazes in a row against 3 different opponent.

Free Mode:

Same as Story Mode except that this time around when you can engage a maze and chose which of the 3 opponents you'll face.


EPIC Key Fight
Split screen 2 player key finding action,
note that you share a map with you opponant so they always know where you are and vice versa.

Bonus Mode:

Exciting walking animations
Check out the around 40 different animations from walking to running that every single one of the 4 characters has.


Suitcase, gun, umbrella, golf club, shotgun and a rifle.


Bandage, asperine, armour.

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