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Mazinger Z is a brawler/action game from WinkySoft, a developer best known for their work on the Super Robot Taisen series. It is based on the Go Nagai anime and manga of the same name, about a colossal robot with various powers that Kouji Kabuto pilots in order to fight the monstrous steel titans of the evil Dr. Hell and his lieutenant Baron Ashura.

Mazinger Z was released on the Super Famicom in Japan only.


The game is largely a side-scrolling brawler. Mazinger Z encounters enemies and can either beat them up with traditional fighting moves, or use some of his powers. Most of Mazinger Z's powers have limitations, and require using up some of his finite energy bar that regenerates over time. The exception is Mazinger Z's trademark Rocket Punch, which can be used as often as the player wishes, though with the effect of depriving Mazinger Z of his arms for a few seconds after each use.

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