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The game starts off with Ronald McDonald walking through the Magical Forest. Suddenly, he comes up to a big tree with a piece of paper under it. He found out that it was a piece of a treasure map and wonders where the rest of the map is. He found out that the map had three pieces missing and three bad guys each have one of the pieces. You have to fight them and defeat them to get that piece of the map.  Ronald decides to follow the one piece of the map that he has and see where that takes him. Help Ronald fight his way through and get all the pieces of the map.

This game has three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Normal, and Expert., and the game has four worlds each with several levels a peice, the levels are: a forest, a train (and the coresponding town it pulls into) a pirate ship, and outer space.You get passwords along the way so that you can play where you left off.

Ronald uses a scarf to hook onto things and pull himself up to a new platform, which sometimes leads to hidden items that will help you out a lot.  He uses magic to make the bad guys disappear.


First boss in the game. An evil tomato.
First boss in the game. An evil tomato.
You will fight four different bosses throughout the game. Each boss has the same exact weakness which are gems, problem is your health is measured in gems. To defeat each one you have to let the boss absorb some of your health , then you are allowed to hit him as many times as you can while he's stunned.  While this sounds repetitive, in reality it isn't as tall the bosses have their own attack patterns, and different play styles. After each boss, you are awarded another piece of the treasure map to help you on your quest to get the treasure.

Game Center

There is also a Game Center that you can play. It is kind of like Tetris with boxes in straight lines or in "L" shapes. Line three identical blocks and win items. Skulls sometimes appear and you should try to keep them out of the way. It is game over when the whole game area is filled up with the blocks.

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