You may not want McPixel this close to your junk - iOS, Android

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McPixel is now available on your handy iOS and Android devices as well as Google Play.

Currently available for a fair $1.99, but only for a limited time. There is also a Lite demo version should you need the leg warmups. Drawing from information on their forums SOS promises free DLC in the future for all versions.

Every day is a good day to kick some nuts.

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Don't tell me what I do or don't want close to my junk.

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@LordAndrew said:

Don't tell me what I do or don't want close to my junk.

I'll attempt to reword it:

"Independent studies show that nine-in-ten males between the ages of 18 and 35 do not want McPixel within striking distance of their respective junks."

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Saw that. Been debating whether to buy it or not. Fuck it it's just 2 bucks. Purchased!

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Yep, works well on mobile devices, as one should expect.

However, a note for Android users: The game does not make sensible use of the back button. Ever. Even when there's an on-screen back button, the Android back button doesn't work right. Instead, it behaves like the home button.

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Thank you for this.

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It's also on Steam Greenlight. Vote it up!

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This game is perfect for iOS devices and I've laughed my ass off playing through this with my wife.

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this game is awesome on mobile devices. makes for a nice companion when i need to kill some time

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I saw McPixel on Steam Greenlight so I think I'll wait for it.

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