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In his youth, Meathook was an aspiring artist who was on the way to great things, even being appointed by the governor to do a painting for his granddaughter’s wedding. However, between this and the events of The Secret of Monkey Island he lost both of his hands and had them replaced by hooks. Losing his ability to paint, Meathook began piracy and resided on Hook Island, on the north-east coast of Mêlée Island.

The Secret of Monkey Island

In The Secret of Monkey Island, Guybrush convinces Meathook to join his crew by touching his parrot. However, he joins Carla and Otis is mutinising against Guybrush when they arrive on Monkey Island and Guybrush eventually leaves them stranded there.

Escape From Monkey Island

Meathook in Escape from Monkey Island.

In Escape From Monkey Island, Meathook has turned his back on the life of a pirate and has gone back to what he did best, art. He opens up a House of Wax, by using wax drippings he attaches to the ends of his hooks.

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