Destructible buildings + 200ton mechs = ?

#1 Posted by Southgrove (360 posts) -

Concider the following scenario:
A 200 ton 'Mech walks/runs at 60km/h straight into a 20 story building.

Think they'll put some sort of red faction-esque building-smashing-system in there?

#2 Posted by GozerTC (485 posts) -

I should hope so.  Maybe not as physics driven as Red Faction but deffinetly some destructable stuff.  Probably better than we had MW4, but not as detailed as RF.  
#3 Posted by Seedofpower (4007 posts) -

Hopfully, for the new game they release a demo.

#4 Posted by keyhunter (3209 posts) -

I'll bet they give the buildings a certain amount of health so that you can blow them up with enough firepower, but they don't fall over as soon as you land on them, so you can walk on them. Unless they're tiny, in which case they explode.

#5 Posted by Bubahula (2224 posts) -

that would be awesome but i hope  they would have the buildings resist more
#6 Posted by UnlivedPhalanx (562 posts) -

I highly doubt any Mech over 100 tons due to limitations of the Myomer Fiber Bundles that are used as artificial muscles. This is highly outlined in the books, not saying that they could deviate, just pointing it out.

#7 Posted by Driadon (3088 posts) -

I would hope so. They stated the trailer they the release...hey right around the time this thread was made, was created using in-game assets. Of course you have to take that with a grain of salt, but here's hoping!

#8 Posted by mariofreak1 (36 posts) -

there is a mech in battletech that whieghs 135 tons....

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