Favorite Mech?

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I won't lie. When I was playing Mechwarrior games I was like 8 years old and so I don't have the most deep understanding of the universe. However, I do know that I love me some mechs! I started with Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat and of course, Mercenaries. These games are where I fell in love with the Nova. It was fast, and had PPCs, and as an 8 year old I LOVED it.

So what is/are your favorite mech( s )? Also, if you know, is the Nova going to be in the new game based on the timeline?

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Bushwacker, it looked awesome

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Also, please oh lord satan please use some kind of WASD mouse configuration by default on the PC version developers. :)

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3025 era Orion

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The one that walks and shoots stuff.

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Thor, because i love big ass mechs

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Inner Sphere old school all the way for me.  None of those imbalanced Clan tech.  *Spits*  
For me the big thing I want them to do is put in punching/kicking/death from above.  There's nothing quite like kicking a mech when he's down!  Or hell still be a threat with no arms!  :D  

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