New Mechwarrior is back again now a PC exclusive. OH HELL YES.

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#51 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

@Metal_Mills:The MadCat aka Timber Wolf is a purely Clan model of Battlemech. It was called the MadCat because of its resemblance to the Marauder and Catapult 'mechs smushed together. So, the closest you're likely to get it if you take a Marauder. It'll look just about the same but won't have the shoulder missile pods.

#52 Posted by selbie (2233 posts) -

People can complain about F2P all they want. Fuck that.

First-person mech sim with joystick support, exclusive to PC with persistent territory control and plenty of tactical gameplay. Take my money now.

#53 Posted by Tennmuerti (8779 posts) -

please be good

please be good

please be good

#54 Posted by Cozmicaztaway (279 posts) -

@CenturionCajun: The Marauder won't look like like a Timber Wolf, I don't think. I have no idea what it will look like as the original version is "unseen" (ended up in lawsuit trouble with Harmony Gold in the 90's as it's a Macross design) and the "reseen" version is quite different. But then again, seems they changed the Warhammer a bit as well, so it'll hopefully look great.

I have no idea what 'mechs i want to pilot in this, most of my favourite designs aesthetically are either "unseen" or post 3050.

#55 Posted by Cozmicaztaway (279 posts) -

Ok, reading PC Gamer inbterviews, game will take place in 3049, Clans will eventually show up (so yay, Timber Wolf!), and multiple lances in combat. And these guys know their Battletech, so I'm actually feeling better about this. Still disliking forced multiplayer (I like LoL.. against bots) but oh well.

#56 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

@Cozmicaztaway: I had forgotten about all that. Shows how long ago I was really into Battletech. It does create the kind of funny situation where the MadCat now doesn't look terribly much like one of the 'mechs that gave it it's Inner Sphere monicker.

I hope the game is good but nothing but straight up multiplayer kinds of turns me off. I enjoy multiplayer as much as the next guy but sometimes I want to go on Mercenaries style missions and build up a unit. Plus there's always the fear that they will allow people to buy advantageous weapons and equipment as part of their inevitable microtransactions.

#57 Edited by JRock3x8 (288 posts) -

@Metal_Mills said:

I just realized the MadCat won't be in it as it's pre-clans. Surely we'll get a predecessor MadCat 0 or something.

not quite...

the game takes place during the clan invasion so it would be unlikely that you wouldn't get to play the mad cat.

Also, the Mad Cat is probably the most recognizable mech even more so than the Atlas so I would be shocked if they didn't let you pilot one.

I must say I'm a bit puzzled by the lack of coverage on this game. Joystiq, Kotaku and Giant Bomb all kind of looked the other way when this was announced on Monday. Kinda bummed about that.

edit: it's just Giant Bomb that's giving Mechwarrior the shaft. That's fine...

#58 Posted by Cozmicaztaway (279 posts) -

@JRock3x8: I think most/the only coverage was pretty much PC Gamer, and everyone else has simply said "oh, hey, new Mechwarrior. It's F2P. FUUUUU" or similar. At least that was how kotaku treated the news.

#59 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2170 posts) -

We need more mechs in gaming. I seriously hope this game is good and they have my support in that regards.

#60 Posted by BawlZINmotion (704 posts) -

MechWarrior Online is probably a test to see how much interest there is among consumers for this type of game. After all I think military shooters have peaked and the industry needs another lead genre for the next generation of consoles. I'm in!

#61 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

@Metal_Mills said:

@RenMcKormack said:

everyone. Free to Play MMO.

This is not the mechwarrior you wanted.

I still think it sounds good. First person. Mech Sim. Joystick support. PC only. It's the classic MW, slightly updated and turned into a F2P game. It sounds very cool the more I read about it.

It would be cool/suck real hard if it was like mechwarrior mercenaries where you have to buy mech parts through micro transactictions.

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