want to play some matches?

#1 Posted by Shikon (195 posts) -

me and my friends play this almost every night (around 7 pm GMT to around 11 pm)

i was wondering if anyone wanted to tag along its usually the 2 of us and this game really shines if you have a full lance ( 4 people).

we use mumble as our voice server and i'll pm the details to anyone that is interested.

we are pretty casual although we do like winning.

so are you also bored that no one goes back to base? do you need some support for your lrm boat? come join us for a round or two!

that said hunchbacks, there pretty sweet!

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@shikon: You still playing? I'm desperate to actually play this with human beings >.> "bollard" in game, feel free to add me.

#3 Posted by Shikon (195 posts) -

I have not played in a while. but maybe i should give it an other go ? i kind of stopped when they put in conquest, that mode was no good when it first came out.

#4 Edited by Bollard (6830 posts) -

@shikon: I quite enjoy Conquest - and from most of the live streams it seems to be the preferred mode. Some of the maps are waaay too large for it though. And you can search by Assault only anyway.

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