Battlemechs in MechWarrior Online. All special editions of specific variants come with a permanent +30% c-bill bonus, unless otherwise noted:

Light (20 - 35 tons)

Locust: Description required.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
LCT-1V (Phoenix)20151281.93129.6

Commando: A 25-ton 'mech first deployed in 2463. Focuses on scouting and close-range combat with missiles, lasers, or a combination of both. The commando is small and relatively fast, making it difficult to hit compared to heavier choices on the battlefield.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
COM-TDK Death's Knell (hero)25201761.35113.4

Spider: The Spider is a unique design, weighing 30 tons and armed chiefly with lasers. Unlike other 'mechs, it is intended to get behind enemy lines and wreak havoc while the enemy has their back turned. One of the most maneuverable battlemechs ever built, the Spider is extremely agile both on the ground and in the air using jump jets.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
SDR-5KC (champion)30292101.95137.7

Raven: The 35-ton Raven is less focused on direct combat and instead brings electronic warfare support. The Guardian-ECM can be used to confuse enemy sensors, while the Beagle Active Probe can be used to spot concealed enemies. A NARC and a TAG can be used to guide friendly missiles towards their target, and the 'mech carries lasers and missiles to defend itself from attack. The RVN-2X, RVN-3L, and RVN-4X are currently confirmed Raven variants.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)

Jenner: The 35-ton Jenner is arguably the premiere Inner-Sphere light 'mech. Capable of high speeds, and equipped with jump jets for limited flight, this vehicle combines excellent mobility with a powerful energy-based armament. Several Jenner variants have a missile launcher as backup for the main laser weaponry.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
JR7-D (Founder)35261280.90113.4
JR7-D (Sarah's)35
JR7-FC (Champion)35242381.42138.8
JR7-K3526 0.90113.4

Medium (40 - 55 tons)

Cicada: Compared to other medium 'mechs, the 40-ton Cicada is extremely fast at 129.6 km/h. However, it has less weight to devote to armor and is much more fragile than other 'mechs in its class. The Cicada carries a mixed armament depending on variant, generally consisting of energy weapons or a mixture of lasers and projectile weapons. Confirmed variants are the CDA-2A, CDA-2B, CDA-3C, and CDA-3M.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
CDA-X5 The X-5 (hero)40262681.36133.6

Blackjack: Description required.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)

Trebuchet: A medium 'mech weighing in at 50 tons and first seen in 2780. The Trebuchet is built around a heavy missile armament, and can attack targets at a great distance with multiple long range launchers fitted to its torso and arms. While powerful, there isn't a lot of space for ammo, forcing pilots to make these long range attacks count. The 'mech also has several medium lasers, allowing it to hold its own if an enemy manages to close the distance.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)

Hunchback: Sturdy and powerful, the Hunchback is a 50-ton medium 'mech that can use a large number of weapons at once. On its right shoulder is a distinctive pod which may carry powerful cannons (including the dreaded AC-20), long-range missiles, or a cluster of laser weapons. The Hunchback also mounts weapons on its arms, making it potentially the medium with the most firepower. Hunchback variants are the HBK-4G, HBK-4H, HBK-4J, HBK-4P, and the HBK-4SP. A special Founder's version also exists, painted blue but otherwise identical to the HBK-4G.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
HBK-4G (founder)50333201.1364.8
HBK-4PC (champion)50453381.1484.2

Centurion: This 50-ton battlemech is a frontline fighter intended to be equally capable at a number of combat ranges. While the Centurion has less total hardpoints than similar 'mechs in the medium category, it can mount a balanced variety of fairly hard-hitting weapons to compensate. Standard versions of the Centurion in MWO are the CN9-A, CN9-AL, and CN9-AH. A special 'hero' version of the 'mech will also be in-game, based on Yen-Lo-Wang's personalized Centurion used during the Solaris Games.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
CN9-YLW Yen-Lo-Wang (hero)50303361.0669.7

Kintaro: Description required.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
KTO-GB Golden Boy (hero)55703681.1264.8

Heavy (60 - 75 tons)

Quickdraw: Description required.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)

Dragon: The Dragon is a 60-ton heavy battlemech that is defined by speed and close-range firepower. At 86.4 km/h, it is much faster than most other heavy 'mechs and fights with a combination of medium lasers, light autocannon, and missiles. Announced dragon variants are the DRG-1C, DRG-1N, and DRG-5N.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMas Speed (KPH)
DRG-5NC (champion)60333761.5881.0
DRG-FANG Fang (hero)60293201.0681.0
DRG-FLAME Flame (hero)60203201.0681.0

JagerMech: The 65-ton JagerMech is a long-range weapon platform. It focuses on a heavy armament of autocannons, carrying a mix of both light and medium guns to engage targets at long range. In the BattleTech universe, the JagerMech is also an excellent anti-aircraft platform; in MWO there are currently no plans to implement any kind of air component beyond 'mechs with jump jets.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
JM6-FB Firebrand (hero)65363361.0969.7

Catapult: An iconic inner-sphere 'mech, Catapults weigh in at 65 tons and are intended for heavy fire support. Standard versions carry a large supply of long-range missiles and heavy launchers on either side of the hull, along with lasers fight at close range. Some Catapults sacrifice missile firepower in exchange for bigger energy weapons. Confirmed are the CPLT-A1, CPLT-C1, CPLT-C4, and CPLT-K2 versions of this 'mech. A visually unique Founder's version exists with identical capabilities to the CPLT-A1.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EffiniencyMax Speed (KPH)

Cataphract: A 70-ton heavy 'mech introduced in 3025. The Cataphract has heavy armor, allowing it to survive a lot of punishment. The 'mech fights with a combination of autocannons and lasers, although some variants supposedly carry a more varied mix of weapons. The Cataphract has jump jets that allow for limited flight around the battlefield.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
CTF_IM Ilya Muromets (her)70334320.9164.8

Orion: The personal Battletech chassis of Alexandr Kerensky himself, the Orion is a heavy 'mech that weighs in at 75 tons. With a varied weapons load out, good armor, and average speed it's a 'mech favored by Battlemech pilots who like options on the battlefield. The standard ON1-K variant comes with energy, ballistic, and missile hardpoints.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
ON1-P Protector (hero)75434481.2564.8

Assault (80 - 100)

Victor: At 80 tons the Victor sports relatively light armor compared to others in it's weight class. Relaying instead on JumpJets for maneuverability, as well as it's main weapon , the heaviest Caliber Autocannon available, the Autocannon 20. Dual Medium lasers, and short range missiles round out it's accompaniment of weapons. The Victor is an assault 'mech favored by pilots who are able to utilize mobility and heavy focused firepower to great effect. The primary variant, the VTR-9B comes with energy, ballistic, and missile hardpoints.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
VTR-DS Dragon Slayer (hero)80464941.3966.8

Awesome: One of the Inner Sphere's most common assault 'mechs, the 80-ton Awesome is chiefly meant for fire support. While it has heavy armor, the main feature is a devastating energy armament consisting of 3 particle projection cannons. Other versions of the Awesome have a more balanced array of weapons consisting of long-range missiles and lasers. MWO currently has the AWS-8Q, AWS-8R, AWS-8T, and AWS-8V Awesome variants.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
AWS-PB Pretty Baby (hero)80414941.3868.8

Stalker: An 85-ton battlemech intended to bring heavy fire support at any distance. The Stalker has a lot of missiles, in both long- and short-ranged varieties. It also carries large and medium lasers, powerful in their own right and especially useful should the missile supply run out. The Stalker, like other assault 'mechs, is slow and bulky, and the sheer number of weapons can cause overheating.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
STK-M Misery (hero)85535001.0648.6

Highlander: This 90-ton Star League design first saw service in 2592, making it the oldest announced 'mech to be featured in MWO. Despite its age, the Highlander is tough and packs modern weaponry; lasers, missiles, and a gauss rifle. Surprisingly for an assault 'mech, the Highlander is equipped with jump jets, and in a pinch can use its weight to literally crush a smaller enemy from above.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
HGN-HM Heavy Metal (hero)90535441.3649.5

Atlas: No other sight is feared quite like the 100-ton Atlas assault 'mech. This large, slow vehicle makes up for these shortcomings by carrying massive quantities of armor and more weapons than any other 'mech currently in the game. The Atlas carries several lasers, both short- and long-range missiles, and a heavy autocannon to bring pain at close distances. Atlas variants are the AS7-D (including a Founder's version), AS7-D-DC, AS7-K, and AS7-RS.

VariantTonnageFirepowerArmorHeat EfficiencyMax Speed (KPH)
AS7-RSC (champion)100686081.2352.6
AS7-TBH The Boar's Head (hero)100575920.9064.8


NameTempGravityAdditional Information
Alpine Peaks-18 C1.1
Canyon Network36 C0.9
Caustic Valley85 C1.2
Crimson Strait24 C1.1
Forest Colony30 C0.8
Forest Colony Snow-2 C0.8
Frozen City-85 C0.9
Frozen City Night-85 C0.9
River City25 C1.0
River City Night26 C1.0
Terra Therma98 C0.9
Tourmaline Desert97 C0.95

Mech Trees

"Mech Trees" are specific to each and every battlemech owned by a player. There are three tiers: basic, elite and master, all being the exact same for each mech available in Mechwarrior Online. In order to unlock "elite" tier with any mech the player must have completed the "basic" tier first. The same requirement is used for "master" tier unlock. Each unlock has mech XP requirement.

Current "Mech Tree" structure is as follows:


Coolrun750 XPIncreases heat dissipation by 7.5%.
Kinetic Burst1000 XPIncreases BattleMech acceleration by 22.5%.
Twist X2500 XPIncreases the maximum amount a BattleMech can twist its upper torso by 10%.
Heat Containment1000 XPIncreases maximum heat threshold before a BattleMech shuts down by 10%.
Hard Brake1500 XPIncreases BattleMech deceleration by 25%.
Twist Speed2500 XPIncreases the speed at which a BattleMech can twist its upper torso by 20%.
Arm Reflex1500 XPIncreases the speed at which a BattleMech can move its arms by 15%.
Anchor Turn3500 XPIncreases the turning speed of a BattleMech by 10%.


Quick Ignition4000 XPStart-up and shut-down sequences sped up by 33%.
Fast Fire6000 XPWeapon cool down rate increased by 5%.
Pinpoint3000 XPWeapon convergence speed increased by 15%.
Speed Tweak8500 XPIncreases top speed by 10%.


Module Slot21500 XPAdds 1 additional module slot to the Battlemech.

Pilot Trees

Vision Modules

Advanced Zoom5000 GXPA picture-in-picture long range zoom with 4x magnification.

Targeting Modules

Target Decay5000 GXP*Information Required
Advanced Target Decay7500 GXPIncreases the amount of time a BattleMech is trackable when it leaves line of sight to 3.5 seconds.
360 Target Retention15000 GXPAllows retention of target information when enemy moves behind the piloted mech. (200m range)


Capture Accelerator15000 GXPIncreases the rate of capture by 15%.
Air Strike Accuracy5000 GXPDecreases the area of bombardment by 20%.
Artillery Accuracy5000 GXPDecreases the area of bombardment by 20%.


Sensor Range5000 GXP*Information Required
Advanced Sensor Range7500 GXPBoosts sensor range by 25%.
Target Info Gathering10000 GXPDecreases the amount of time required for detailed target information required.
Seismic Sensor7500 GXP*Information Required
Advanced Seismic Sensor10000 GXPAllows detection and identification of enemy 'mechs via vibrations in the ground. (250m range)


UAV Upgrade15000 GXPPermanently increases the range of all UAVs by 25%.
Cool Boost15000 GXPIncreases the cooling effects of all Cool Shots by 20%.
Cool Shot 9 by 915000 GXPUpgrades Cool Shot 9 by 9 to do an additional 9 heat per second (for one second) cooling for a total of 18. Consumed on use.
Improved Artillery Strike15000 GXPReplaces Artillery Strike. Calls in a barrage of long range artillery. 10 shells drop into the targeted area after a 4 second flight time delay. Each shell does 10 points of damage. Consumed on use.
Improved Air Strike15000 GXPReplaces Air Strike. Calls in a flight air strike on a targeted zone. 10 bombs drop into the target area after a 4 second flight time delay. Each bomb does 10 points of damage. Consumed on use.
Improved UAV15000 GXPIncreases the amount of time a UAV is active by 15 seconds.

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