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A Step Backwards 0

This cover actually looks pretty damn good.The first Medal of Honor: Heroes wasn't a fantastic FPS. However, it was a great addition for the PSP library because of its ability to adjust to the control limitations of the portable console. Add on a great theme song and Nazi-gunning action, and voila, a product that PSP owners can get behind. With a trial run with MOH 1 over with, you would think that EA would have a better sense of how to craft their sequel, Medal of Honor Heroes 2. Unfortunately,...

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It may have some problems, but this a decent shooter 0

First person shooters on the Wii haven't made much of an impact (bar Metroid Prime 3) so far and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 tries to stop that and puts up a good effort at that. A major pro for the game is the online multiplayer. You play across 6 maps in 6 different modes. You use EA Nation to use the online which is a relief that you don't have to use those damn friend codes. The controls in Heroes 2 work well, very well for that matter. Where most Wii ports fall is in the controls department bu...

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Customizable controls make-up for a list of short-comings 0

With the notable exception of Metroid Prime 3, the first-person shooter/action genre on the Nintendo Wii has been dominated by WWII-based games.  Although it is the third major title on the Wii to revisit the European theatre of the 1940's Medal of Honor Heroes 2 provides enough unique features to allow it stand out from its predecessors.The single player campaign comprises eight different missions, all of which feel rather generic after playing through Call of Duty 3 and Metal of Honor Vanguard...

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Medal of Honor: Heros 2 - Awesome Wii multiplayer potential 0

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is the best FPS on the Wii at this time. Fact. However, that doesn't necessarily make it a all round great game. It's shining glory is its online multiplayer, which forgoes Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection system in place of EA Nation. This system is more akin to what you expect to see on an PC online FPS, providing a lobby, simplistic messaging system and player rankings based on kill ratios. This allows a player to easily make friends with the people they play with in gam...

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We're going into WWII, again! 0

  The Wii has gotten quite some rap because of some crap it offers in any kind of games, especially first-person shooters. But Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for Wii does offer some comebacks for those rs of the Nintendo Wii and/or some of its games. The game, like most, is set in a WWII theme. You start off as just a normal soldier and what's going on is you are trying to figure out what Vietnam is up to. To do this, not only do you have to make your way to a certain point, but you have to sink three...

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The worst WW2 game in recent memory. 0

A few years ago, my friend and I would get into arguments about which was better: Call of Duty, or Medal of Honor.  The both of us had only ever had the ability to play the PS2 versions of both games.  No matter what was said, it always came down to me saying this: "Sure, the last games weren't so great, but Frontline was the best WW2 game ever!".  EA recently released Airbourne, Vanguard (which, to be honest, I haven't played), and, of course, Heroes 2.  What I'm getting at is that EA hasn't ev...

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A just alright portable experience... 0

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for PSP seems at first like a satisfying portable experience, but lacking features, terrible glitches, and unapologetic packaging make for an alright, slightly disappointing game. The primary feature of Heroes 2 is its single player campaign mode, which takes place during the World War II era like all MoH-games to date and focuses on a struggle against the Nazis. Controls during the game are much like other FPS' for PSP--the analog stick is for movement, the right should...

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Heroes 2 is the best MoH game since Frontline. 0

Medal of Honor have been a series in which started out great but went downhill for a while. Lucky with Medal of Honor: Heroes 2(and also Airbrone) the series has gotten better. In Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 you play as John Berg from the OSS who need to stop Hitler from deploying his new rocket, the V2. What one of the great things about Heroes 2 is how this game is using the Wiimote and Nunchuk. Similar to Metroid Prime 3 control scheme, you point the Wiimote toward the screen and move it around ...

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Finally a MoH that stays the series roots. 0

Finally, a true sequel. It doesn't copy from CoD and has perfect control. The levels are fun to navigate and even though they are long, and there are some difficult parts, it is a very fun singleplayer. The controller needs some getting used to, but is good when you do. The music is classic MoH, but the graphics are so-so. They do a well job of conveying the bleak and war torn locals well, and even though the story is almost non-existent, it is still good. You need to go from the beach into the ...

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Great Controls Can't Make Up For Bland 0

In two or three  years, we'll probably look back and cite this game as the grandfather of a whole slew of FPS for the Wii.  This was the one that proved to the masses that the Wii's controls were perfect for an FPS.  The game controls are absolutely amazing.  They let you have an astounding degree of control and really make you feel much more involved in the game.That said, this game couldn't be more uninspired.  The story comes off-half hearted at best and everything about the game just screams...

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