valandil's Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (Wii) review

Finally a MoH that stays the series roots.

Finally, a true sequel. It doesn't copy from CoD and has perfect control. The levels are fun to navigate and even though they are long, and there are some difficult parts, it is a very fun singleplayer. The controller needs some getting used to, but is good when you do. The music is classic MoH, but the graphics are so-so. They do a well job of conveying the bleak and war torn locals well, and even though the story is almost non-existent, it is still good. You need to go from the beach into the heart of the city. You're playing as an OSS agent, not an infinity soldier, so the scenarios are extra interesting.

This is more like Frontline than like any of the following games, so it separates itself from the pack. There is an arcade mode which controls your movement, adds more enemies, and plays as an on-rails light gun arcade shooter. It is a very fun mode. There is no split screen multiplayer (which really disappoints me), but there is wifi. It is the best FPS online on the Wii (which isn't saying much). It is still a lot of fun if you only have a Wii, but if you have Halo 3 or CoD 4, those have better online multiplayer modes.

Overall, this is a great game. It is better than most WWII FPS's and all MoH fans will enjoy it, because it is a lot like the original games in the series. Buy MoH H2 and enjoy an action packed thrill ride.


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