Is it worth it + origin

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I'm thinking of getting the PC version, purely for the multiplayer. The singleplayer looks like crap but the multi looks real interesting to me. I'm just afraid I'll boot it up and there will be zero servers. This already happened to me when I bought GRFS, I can only find GRFS games late at night when Russian folks are playing.

So is the multiplayer actually really terrible? Because it looks fun on youtube, and does it require Origin to play? Requiring origin would be a dealbreaker.

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I'm pretty sure the PC version is locked to Origin. That said, Origin isn't that bad. It's just not Steam.

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origin is fine, honestly.

no opinion about MoH, but origin's alright.

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About Origin, it's a harmless Steam-wannabe that makes me laugh everytime it launches for an EA game. Nothing wrong with it, it launches your EA games is all.

@Vuud said:

I'm thinking of getting the PC version, purely for the multiplayer. The singleplayer looks like crap but the multi looks real interesting to me.

About Warfighter, I don't care for the multiplayer, I played it for the singleplayer and here's what I have to say about it because I believe you're wrong: I am someone who has been turning against arcade-ish gallery shooters year after year, because they no longer have the pseudo-challenge that old Call of Duty and Medal of Honors games had, they ran out of content and they provide the same shit.

Having said that, I am astonished by the fact that Warfighter made my top 10 list of last year. Game is really, really great. It looks and sounds absolutely stellar on PC, they used some kind of next gen engine, and the gameplay is real fun. Driving sequence is one of my most memorable moments of 2012, the stealth shit is surprisingly good, etc..

But like I said, I don't care for the MP. Here, let Robbaz help you make up your mind:

Loading Video...

I'm just afraid I'll boot it up and there will be zero servers. says there are 488 PC players right this second. Compared to Battlefield 3's 20 thousand players, I'd say the Warfighter servers are empty.

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i hate Origin too. but not because its rubbish or anything because its not. its pretty good.well so my landlord tells me.

i hate Origin because the font is orange. i know this may come across as pointless, petty and arbitrary to some but to me it's very important and i chose to limit my selection of games because of origins orangeness.

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Can't speak to the game as I don't have it. But Origin is fine, I get that it's the done thing to hate on EA but Origin is completely competent and unobtrusive for what it is.

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Origin is a good program, but if I were on the fence then MoH Warfighter is not what would make me get Origin.

But to each his own.

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Ok, but can anyone who plays the game tell me if multiplayer is still active? I have heard rumors that EA might drop support for the game altogether, worst case scenario they'll shut down the servers ( sounds chicken little-ish), and there likely won't be any more MoH games.

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I got the limited edition from a wholesaler on amazon for $24 dollars (which means game+free DLC, schweet!) Played the first couple missions, almost all that was covered int he quicklook. Yeah it's a formulaic shooting gallery, not much different from the stuff we've been playing since 2001. But the multiplayer is kick-ass! I really recommend it if you like online shooters. I don't think it deserved quite the bum rap it got though I wasn't there at release.

The only problem I foresee is EA's lack of future support, and I think I just had my first brush with hackers ever in an FPS. I hope the community is good at policing these guys.

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