MoH: Warfighter Day 1 Patch Notes

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Don't send a broken game out. Man up, delay it, be upfront and fix your game. It should really be this simple.

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Below is what was sent back to Jeff when he commented on the patch notes on twitter. Apparently Microsoft will allow a broken game at release if you guarantee a day 1 patch and pay some extra money.

The person replying to Jeff is from BioWare btw.

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2010's MoH is still broken.

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That's not a patch, that's fixing a broken game..

"Fixed an issue where controls would become unresponsive under certain conditions."

Oh this seems like something that didn't need to be fixed in development.. Now I see why they didn't allow it to reviewers..

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I guess it's way more cost-effective to just go ahead with manufacturing and then work on a patch. In digital distribution you'd never even notice, but when you have to print a game over a month before it's played, you can shuffle priorities.

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Jeff posted this on Twitter earlier and I was blown away by how crazy these are. There really does need to be a higher modern standard for certification, I feel like day-one bugs are something that people complain about often enough. This week's I Love Mondays gives me the impression that game reviewers are none too happy about being inconvenienced by late review copies as well.

And I don't imagine many people bought this game for the single-player, but buyers who cannot connect to the internet and therefore cannot patch will still be having Kind of a Bad Time.

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I don't like how they've held off til the eleventh hour to get this crucial patch out. Because this disrupts the review process, the informed public are going to look at this in two ways. They'll think that either the developer is incompetent and is rushing the game or that EA has no confidence in this game or the developers and wants to have public perception be dictated solely by their marketing team.

In any event, this isn't the way to establish a franchise nor follow up on a middle of the road first game.

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I'm sure the team wished they could push things back, but given the release schedule over the next month; they'd be directly up against some huge games. So, I guess this is the best solution they could find to a bad problem.

That said, I'm concerned at the sizes of the patches that EA has been doing for BF3, and seems like will follow for this game. At this point, I'm pretty sure I have 3-4 GBs of patches on BF3 sitting on my harddrive. Fortunately, I upgraded to a 120GB, and have a good amount of room but that's still a lot of downloads. At the very least, it's a bad habit to get into for their releases, and at the worse, it means those with base HDD's are stuck with an inferior product.

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i guess thats one way to punish offline players

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they probably didn't want to delay the game's release or else it would get eaten alive by Call of Duty next month(which it probably still will do but at least they get a few buyers looking for a new shooter).

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So people without an online connection. Do they still get the patch somehow or are they stuck with an unfinished game? Never really understood how all that works.

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So people without an online connection. Do they still get the patch somehow or are they stuck with an unfinished game? Never really understood how all that works.

I'd imagine those people are sort of fucked. How would they get the patch? It's a really shitty thing to do.

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