MOH: Warfighter 'Gameplay' Trailer

#1 Posted by duggshammer (158 posts) -

Looks like John Price is guest starring.

#2 Posted by BeachThunder (12592 posts) -

I am having some serious deja vu...

#3 Posted by kishinfoulux (2560 posts) -

So fucking tired of modern military damn tired.

#4 Posted by me3639 (1869 posts) -

@kishinfoulux said:

So fucking tired of modern military damn tired.

I am too, but you know, like me, you will play it and god damn like it.

#5 Posted by Moncole (636 posts) -

The game will probably be generic and medicine at best. I really don't know why people get hypd over games like these.

#6 Posted by NTM (7616 posts) -

@duggshammer: Yeah, what the heck? What is the American Price doing here! Anyways, just because I like nice graphics, and I didn't hate the first Medal of Honor, I'm giving this one a chance.

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