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Graphics of Honor: Boredomfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is one of these generic experiences you're seeing a lot of recently. Battlefield 3, which at least had some awesome graphics, thanks to being the first Frostbite 2 engine game, Call of Duty, which is graphically bad since they refuse to introduce a new engine and rely on their old, overused one, or Medal of Honor. So what does Medal of Honor do differently than Battlefield, what excuse do you have to even buy a title like that nowadays?

Well, it doesn't do anything dramatically different, except carrying a ridiculous name, which is only topped by Crytek's Warface. It looks a lot like Battlefield, it plays a lot like Battlefield, its story is as forgettable and boring as Battlefields. You shoot different guns, you shoot different people, but it all feels the same. The one thing that I remember being different is that you can request ammunition from your squadmates. That's helpful. One point for MoH. But I think that, if the only thing that I truly remember after finishing the campaign of the game was a detail that small, something isn't right with the game. I shouldn't have to focus on something that small to find a positive point in the game. I should be amazed by how fun an experience it was.

The thing is, it isn't. It's a really, really generic experience. And that's what I don't like in general about the games coming out right now: They're all the same. There is no difference in playing MoH Warfighter, or Call of Duty, Lost Planet, Battlefield, even Dead Space or Resident Evil. Current developers are only looking for the quick swoop of cash, most money out of the least work. And MoH Warfighter shows that in it's name already. They couldn't even be bothered to think of a proper name.

In MoH Warfighter, you play as a multitude of soldiers, like in CoD, and you fight terrorism. The mission design is linear, the guns sound differently but feel the same, and it is a generally easy game (playing on normal). Other than Battlefield, this game is a lot darker and wetter, you often play in the rain. The story goes kinda along the lines of Battlefield 3, cutting between the past and the present, as you remember past missions in your fight against terrorism. But it as forgettable, linear, unexciting and generally dull and boring, as it can get. You have no desire to even remember the names of the characters, as you won't ever want to remember them after the short playtime of 8 hours anyway.

At least there is some difference in what you are doing in the missions, as in one you are driving a car, chasing some bad dude, but the driving is really bad, and you are reminded every second of it that you're not playing Need for Speed. Also, you drive over a market twice, and they use the animation of chickens jumping on your car multiple times. It wasn't good the first time around, and it only gets worse on every repetition. Then more shooting dudes, then a mission where you're driving a boat on a time limit, which feels exactly like the car mission. Mixed in are some sniper missions, which are even easier to do than the rest of the game, and some CGI cutscenes, which are good-looking.

Final thoughts:

Should you play the game: No. Why? Cause it's a dull and boring experience, and half the time it feels like it's imitating other games (which you might have guessed by me mentioning Battlefield a bunch of times, sorry abut that), but in a really bad way. It looks nice, it sounds nice, all thanks to Frostbite, but it's a boring game. It's not a bad game, it's generally well-produced, but I experienced some sound and graphic hiccups.

Off-Topic final thoughts:

In the current state of the market, I feel bad about shelling out any money for a game like this. I don't want them to make more of this kind, I don't want to play them anymore. It all feels the same. 6 hours of a dull campaign, a multiplayer which is meant to save the game, but doesn't really differ from the one you'e playing right now, graphics that are meant to impress, but fail to shine after the third title put out on the same engine. My dislike for Activision and EA put aside, I really want them to make more money, but only if the products are worth it. I want them to be popular, I want to like them, but I just can't if they give me reason after reason not to. Be it Day-One-DLC, generic games or general company behavior. I love games, I love the old CoDs, I even liked Battlefield 3 for its graphics or Medal of Honor 2010 for its gameplay. But I can't like them anymore, if they are reheated and served to me for what feels like the 1000th time. So I look into the future, at titles like Bioshock Infinite or Half-Life 3, at consoles like the Playstation 4 and companies like Valve, and hope that they help bring the fun back into shooters. It has been missing for such a long time.

Posted by uomoartificiale

While I agree completely with all the points of your well written and thoughtful review, I have to ask: did you expect anything different from this game? I mean, what made you decide to buy it new or even pre-order it?

I'm sincerely asking, because all the tone of the marketing campaign seemed to lead to the product we got today. A linear, boring, uninteresting samey shooter. You seem an aware gamer with some taste, so if they deceived you in buying this, that's bad news for everyone.

Posted by Fredddi43

Why thank you for reading my review. I borrowed the game from a friend, who was only interested in the multiplayer so, after installing the HD content on my Xbox, he took Disc 2 and left me Disc 1. I decided to put some time into the game since I enjoy shooters from time to time, but after finishing the campaign I am really happy not to have spend any money on it.

Posted by JimmyPancakes

What is a Grapic? (as mentioned in the title)

Posted by Fredddi43

@JimmyPancakes: Oops *Graphics

Posted by Skanker

Lumping in Lost Planet with MoH, Battlefield and CoD is silly. Nice review otherwise.

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