warped655's Medal of Honor (PlayStation) review

Holds up well. Plays a bit like Goldeneye.



+Decently long campaign

+Fun shooting mechanics, similar to Goldeneye

+Excellent musical score


-Mediocre graphics for a PS1 game.

-uninteresting story (not to surprising, it is a WW2 shooter)


I recently played through MoH and I have to say it’s one of the better PS1 games I have played. The shooting elements are well thought out, the weapons are fun to shoot, and there is a good variety in the environments and missions. Let’s dissect the game a bit.

Now note, I only played through the single player campaign. As I did not have a buddy to try out the multiplayer. However from what I hear it’s only so-so, and that the meat of the game is the single player anyway. 

The game provides a relatively lengthy story mode as well as a split screen multiplayer component. So if you have a buddy that’s willing to play a retro WW2 FPS, you’ll get a little more mileage out of this game.   

Graphics – technical & artistic:  7/10 - Serviceable

Yeah PS1 games are not known for their graphics, but this is one of the areas I felt it could have done better. A lot of the environmental textures are kind of bland and some areas could have had a tad bit more detail. But the mediocre graphics is definitely not a reason to pass the game up.

Gameplay/Mechanics:  8.5/10 – Enjoyable, felt a lot like “Goldeneye in WW2”

The since the game is on the PS1, and there were no standard duel analogue sticks, only the d-pad, they had to get creative with the controls. And they take a bit to get used to. But once you get the hang of it after 30 or so minutes of play, you’ll find that you can effectively take on the Nazi’s.

Sound – Music : 10/10 – Masterpieces

The music in this game really draws you in and sets the mood PERFECTLY. There is honestly not much else to say. Just excellence.

Sound –  quality/authenticity: 8/10

The Germans don’t necessarily speak German all the time but in most cases the few times they speak in English you’ll be too busy killing them to care. Sound quality is the same as all PS1 games. Great.

Story:   7/10 – Its WW2. With you as a one man army.

Yes, this a WW2 game, but you still expect some story line, usually about the character you play, his thoughts, and the story of a struggle with comrades. You won’t get that here. Just you, your commander, and a French resistance fighter that aides you by the name of Manon Batiste. James (the protagonist) never talks, and the other 2 characters are all business.

Atmosphere/Presentation: 7.5/10 – Yes, this is definitely WW2.

Despite being alone on the field of battle other than the Nazi’s, the game does a good job of making sure you feel like you are in the dangerous parts on Germany during WW2.


This is a game for those that either love Goldeneye and can’t get enough, fans of WW2 shooters and can’t get enough, or of course retro-gamers. If you are not one of those, still consider giving the game a try. As you might be surprised by just how well made the game is. 


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