Do You Find the MP To Be Too Easy?

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So, I consider myself competent in shooters...not the best, but I can handle myself nicely (har har).  Anyways, I am bound and determined to get as many trophies in MoH as I can before I get rid of it next week (same idea with Castlevania) as the entire package pisses me off.  The multiplayer, as everyone has stated, is a step in the right direction...but then it falls flat on its face.  I feel as if I have been...I don't know, too good?  Looking at the multiplayer scoreboard I have yet to see anyone with a negative KDR.  Most matches I have breezed through, and no matter how pissed I get at something, I almost always get 3-5 kills per death.  As I stated, based on  looking at the scoreboard every other death or so, I have noticed most other people have positive or equal KDR as well.  Is it just me or is this game's multiplayer, in design, too easy?  Maybe its just me or maybe I am having selective memory. 
Either way, I can't wait to get rid of this game.  70% of the trophies down, but I am 100% sure I won't get this long enough to hit plat.  

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No, it's frustrating and really boring. 

#3 Posted by Sammo21 (3377 posts) -
@illmatic19: I find many things frustrating, but I'm still rocking the scoreboard and everyone else seems to be doing OK.   
I have to admit, one problem I noticed more than anything else in the beta was the lag on death and its stiiiiiiiiill there.  So frustrating.  I wouldn't say the game is boring, but the unlock system and progression is boring, for sure.
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The difficulty of the multiplayer depends on the players you're playing against.

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