Worth $5?

#1 Posted by TheKramer89 (442 posts) -

It's the daily deal on Steam and it's 5 big ones. Think it's worth it?

#2 Posted by Mb246 (75 posts) -

Probably not.

#3 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

The singleplayer campaign is worth about 3 bucks

#4 Posted by thaijedi (140 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic said:

The singleplayer campaign is worth about 3 bucks

Agreed, I actually think it might be worth 5 if it doesn't glitch on you

#5 Posted by Kidavenger (3841 posts) -

It's $5, be bold, live on the edge, take a chance.

#6 Posted by MB (13769 posts) -

I actually liked playing through the campaign on Xbox, I may pick this up to play through again on PC, it's been awhile.

It's about six or seven hours long and pretty fun even though the campaign definitely has some problems. I think it's worth five bucks.

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#7 Posted by McBEEF (375 posts) -

The single players pretty fun, but short-looks great too even on a mediocre pc

#8 Posted by JasonR86 (9994 posts) -


I thought it was ok. I got to play it for free (borrowed it from a friend) and thought the single-player was fine. You probably won't have much luck with the multiplayer anymore. It's simple, it's not that flashy, and not particularly memorable but the single-player is just fine.

#9 Edited by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

The game has its share of issues but the singleplayer campaign was interesting and running a few quick rounds of MP can be fun. So yes.

#10 Edited by believer258 (12597 posts) -

I was thinking you meant the original PS1 game.

Then I was like "Oh, that game!"

Is it worth $5? Well, yeah. I think so. You can certainly find better shooters out there but if you're the kind of person that still plays through the Call of Duty campaigns (like me) you might enjoy it.

I actually wanted to applaud the game a few times for not giving me a fucking quicktime event or dragging the controls away from me to shake the screen every ten minutes. It does this a few times but only enough to keep it interesting. This isn't to say that it doesn't have its issues, particularly graphical ones and just an overall slightly weird feel to it, but yeah the five hour campaign is good enough for five dollars.

EDIT: Emphasis on "campaign". The multiplayer, sadly, is like a poor man's Battlefield and it shows.

#11 Posted by MB (13769 posts) -

There's a Quick Look of the game, check it out.

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#12 Posted by Hawk456 (153 posts) -

@TheKramer89: I was wondering the same thing ... I was about to pull the trigger but then I thought, I'd rather play CoD or Gears. I'm going to save my 500 pennies for something bigger

#13 Posted by Spoonman671 (4919 posts) -

Absolutely.  It's a pretty good game.

#14 Posted by RsistncE (4499 posts) -

I thought the single player was great and the multiplayer was decent also. Easy $5.

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