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Liquid Looks at Medal of Honor (single-player for the pc) 1

  Liquid Looks at Medal of Honor (single-player for the pc)   Deep in the heart of the Afghan Mountains you find yourself up against the Taliban in the first attempt at a realistic modern combat shooter. The first person genre is a tough nut to crack. When it comes to the single player you have a lot of fierce competition.   Lets see how well it stacks up.    I guess even terrorists need a playground.   Programming: (2.5/5)   By now the programming abilities of any studio in the first ...

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Great SP, weak MP. Why? Read on. 1

    I just picked up Medal of Honor a couple of days ago, after pondering whether or not to actually buy it, if any of you are thinking the same then hopefully this review will help you make a decision. It is a first person shooter developed by two branches of EA, there is DICE who dealt with developing the multiplayer aspect of the game and Danger Close (EA LA) who worked solely on developing the singleplayer side of the game. The aim of the game for them was to create a direct challenge to Mo...

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A very lackluster AAA release for 2010 0

Oh poor Medal of Honor, seemed like you were doomed from the start. You come out a month after the sales juggernaut that was Halo Reach and that's not even counting Call of Duty: Black Ops will pull considering the popularity of that franchise. But also, there was always this kind of..."off" feeling about the game, from its severely lackluster beta to the controversy concerning the use of the Taliban, I wasn't exactly having a ton of hopes for the game. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with t...

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Boring and pointless. 3

Remember when we all groaned when yet another WWII FPS was released?  Well, now it's time to do that again for modern FPS.  How many times will we have to do the War on Terror?  It's already stale, devs are already out of ideas.  You will feel that you have already played MoH because you have in MW2.The combat is the same.  The maps are the same tiny linear path bore.  Usually no way to actually flank enemies, you just wait for them to go out in the open and move forwards.  Your AI buddies are j...

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Medal of Honor is a decent jaunt through Afghanistan 1

With the Call of Duty series being at the top of its game there seems to be very little room or possibilities for other military shooters to carve out a niche in this ever growing landscape.        Medal of Honor was once a beloved series comprised of first person shooters devoted to the World War II era but as time passed on, Medal of Honor became an unappealing force to be reckoned with and was still stuck in the muddy pits of the second world war, even as other similiar games charged ahead in...

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Not a Headshot 0

            Medal of Honor is a name that has been in First Person Shooters for all most as long as there have been First Person Shooters.  People have been playing these war themed games for a long time.  In the good old days these games were based in the conflicts of World War 2.  Over time however, these games were surpassed in their quality and ability to represent these conflicts by Call of Duty.  Which is, ironic, considering the same people who created Medal of Honor went on to make it’...

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Medal Of Honor Returns, But Is It A Welcome Return? 0

I have enjoyed my far share of FPS shooters so when this game arrived I was very excited to throw it in and see what kind of experience I would have.   Medal of Honor throws you into a modern day battlefield facing off against the likes of al-Qaida and the Taliban forces.   This EA publish and developed by Danger Close studios FPS is there first foray into an FPS.   You play as multiple armed forces units that have been dropped into the hostel middle east.   You are tasked with eliminating any ...

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XBOX 360 Review: Medal of Honor 0

Medal of Honor is one of the most storied first person shooter series (FPS) in the history of games. For a time the series was synonymous with how a World War II FPS should be developed. At least until the development team moved on to create the current king of the industry, Call of Duty. Since the rise of Call of Duty, Medal of Honor has been relegated to an also ran and the once gargantuan franchise has spent the last few years wandering aimlessly trying to recapture even a fraction of its for...

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Newish To The Genre 0

This is my 4th first person shooter and only the second one where multiplayer was a main focus. This is also my first review. Presentation: I like the idea of a game that honors a nations soldiers who while on a mission, technically do not exist. Those who put their life on the line, not for fame and getting known, but for their country (well... not really) and others. The cover of the box is simplistic but at the same time awesome. Dusty holding a M4A1 carbine (though he does use a MP7 in the g...

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Expecting MW2/BFBC2 quality? Don't. 0

This game has nothing that makes it stand out from the other games it's trying to imitate. The "authenticity" translates in video-gaming to real life boredom, and waiting for slow, scripted events to end to continue with the game. Also, EA should have a standard and stick to it. Advertising authenticity, and then giving pistols infinite ammo (which I've almost never see another shooter do) makes less than no sense. Here's a list of all the un-"realistic" aspects:- Idiotic AI both on the fr...

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Give it a chance 2

 A once great franchise, Medal of Honor has been stumbling and slowly (or not so slowly) bleeding out since being hit by the Call of Duty bullet back in 2003. However, with the assistance of Danger Close and DICE, this series has finally staggered back to its feet – for the most part.  Like most games, Medal of Honor needs to be looked at in two parts, the singleplayer and the multiplayer. However, this division is more pronounced than usual due to the fact that each part of the game was handle...

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Heading Straight for the Garbage Bin 0

Wait, this reminds me all to much of Battlefield (Which I LIKED). I played the shit out of the old PS1 and PC Medal of Honor games as a kid and I was excited to see the series was getting a reboot, until I played it.  Medal of Honor has some serious problems, so lets start with the story: Story: Possibly one of the moronic stories in videogame history, competeing with Modern Warfare 2 that is. Now tell me, why the fuck does everyone have massive beards and shoot first ask questions when they fuc...

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EA Got Me :-( 7

Gameplay- 5(Frame-Rate SUCKS)Graphics - 7Sound  - 8Overall Idea (with multiplayer) - 8Replay Value - 4 I was really looking forward to this title and it has come up short.  I hate to admit I will be trading this in and losing money as a result.  This feels very generic in almost every aspect of playing the levels.  I was really saddened from the drop in the frame rate due to the systems being out this long and having Modern Warfare 1 and 2 for a challenge to compete and be an improvement on that...

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Better then Modern Warfare 2? Yes! 2

Oh shit now you're probably going to spam my account with messages but it's true. Shure there is a lot of small bugs and sometimes wierd framerate issues but that's small problems that will be patched .  Everyone seems to compare this to much to Modern Warfare 2 so i'm going to explain why i like this game and why it's my most hyped game of the year.  First of it all. The single player compared to the competition is well classic Medal Of Honor like we are used to it and we don't get thrown into ...

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Enjoyable, though it does have its problems 0

Now, when this game was first shown to us at E3, I must say I really didn't care too much for it, but as more and more of it was shown to us, it began to pull me in. After being informed that the the Multiplayer  was being crafted by DICE, and already being a huge fan of BFBC2, I was sold. Now that I have the game in my hands, I must say....DICE let me down a bit, but not to the point that I hate it. I actually do enjoy MoH quite a bit, but there are some big problems that should have been taken...

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A tightly designed experienced hampered by redundanc and glitches 0

Released in response to the behemoth that is Call of Duty, the Medal of Honor reboot that transitioned the series to modern warfare was met with less critical praise and even less enthusiastic players. I found this strange upon playing MoH myself because while it did fall into predictable trappings of a linear explosion-fest, it was much more intimate and authentic feeling than Call of Duty or any other major modern war FPS on the market. Medal of Honor’s tighter plotting focuses on a group of o...

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Maybe a bit under appreciated 0

I went into Medal of Honor with high hopes, doesn't help that right off the bat I find out the single player doesn't support the "Legacy" control scheme, which is always an annoyance when playing FPS' on consoles. Fortunately though once you get through some of the early levels Medal of Honor feels like it starts to show it true colors as a very solid military FPS. It's very odd, but the multiplayer feels like a COMPLETELY different game (which I don't like). You have a different HUD, with a dif...

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A Tale of Two Engines 0

  Real men have beards...  Medal of Honor (or Medal of Honour as it should be called) has a long history. Coming out of Dreamworks Interactive, the house that Spielberg built, I remember getting the first MoH on the original Playstation back in 1999. It had taken a while for a shooter in the vein of the N64’s Goldeneye to come to the PsOne; that is a shooter with an espionage slant, with various objectives, retrieving documents, blowing up objectives and an actual scoped sniper rifle. ...

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Don't listen to the MW2 fanboys 1

 Whatever you do, DO NOT pay attention to this review or WATCH the quick look.  I don't know what is up Jeff's butt recently but he is seeming more and more like a fan boy of franchises recently.  This game is a great game.  I have played them all MW2 and BF2.  The story in MW is completely unrealistic even though Jeff would have you believe otherwise, BF is just a goofy story.  I didn't care about any of the characters in either of those two games, but this Medal of Honor I actually feel the em...

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Bloated Garbage Dressed in Medal of Honor's Clothes. 0

I've been playing the Medal of Honor series since the PS1 days. i've always liked them over the Call of Duty games for the realism and overall better campaign. when this game was announced i was excited, a Medal of Honor game set in Afghanistan threatening to dethrone MW2 is exactly what i wanted the franchise to do if it made a come back.   Sadly i stand here today to warn you that Medal of Honor is the most glitch and bloated game so far released this generation.  how could they possibly mess ...

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Medal of Honor : A reboot that needs a reboot. 0

  Medal of Honor was one of the most anticipated games this year and up until this point was promising but little did I know that when I put the disc in that I was about to enter a afternoon of mediocrity. The campaign takes place in modern day Afghanistan and has you play a couple of roles. You play as three different characters that are in different tiers of the military. This really isn’t to important considering they all play the same and each weapon in the game feels identically to any oth...

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Needs some polish, but still a fun game. 0

To start, you have two separate games here.  Single player and multiplayer.    Multiplayer is what it is, an online version of every other shooter you have ever played.  Yes the maps are different, yes the weapons are different but if you know what multiplayer is like for CoD, then you have a good idea of the experience you are getting yourself into, with a few exceptions:  Positives:   The weapons can be picked up and played with pretty easily.  The toughest part of any of the weapons is avoidi...

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Medal of Honor is Underrated 0

Medal of Honor in my opinion is a highly underrated game! Shure much of this game dosnt add anything new or groundbreaking to the FPS genre but what it does have is a great and easy to understand campaign and very fun and addictive multiplayer.This game has been compaired to the likes of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and even COD but in all reailty not only does it borrow elements from both but its play style and maps are unique in a good way it feels more like an actuall mlitary firefight,having to...

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Medal of Honor Review: Call of Honor 0

Medal of Honor is an attempt by EA and the newly formed Danger Close to reboot a much beloved and prestigious franchise in a modern setting, following in the footsteps of Modern Warfare. The game is set during a 2 day period in Afghanistan and jumps between 3 different characters during this. The setting may sound exciting, being set in a current real war but the game completely disappoints on this premise. The characters all completely lack any discernable features to set them apart from each o...

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Medal of Honor 0

I think I liked this game more than most people, but I guess I'm a sucker for even a little bit of emotional resonance in my first person shooters. After a few years of watching Activision's Call of Duty franchise move to the modern era and absolutely explode in popularity, EA finally put together a team to do the same with their venerable Medal of Honor series, and Danger Close put together a short but solid campaign that isn't the most original thing the genre's seen in a while, but was...

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Medal Of Honor Review 0

Developer: Danger ClosePublisher: EAOnce upon a time, The Medal Of Honor series was the premier shooter on consoles. Not unlike Call Of Duty, it learned its trade in World War 2. Whether you were taking down the Germans from the inside via an undercover mission, shooting up the streets, or sleuthing through the French sewers as part of the French resistance. Medal Of Honor was the place to go if you needed a shooter fix.Fast forward to the present day, and the first person shooter (FPS) landscap...

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It's Ok 0

The name Medal of Honour has a special place in many people’s hearts with many fond memories. From the original on the PS1 there have been games on most consoles. From the beginning the Medal of Honour games were primarily a console game. Now back after a series of lacklustre games on the last generation and early 360, Medal of Honour is going head to head with Call of Duty.   This is a game that was made by two different studios and it is clear when playing the campaign (Danger Clos...

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Medal of Honor is a decent jaunt through afghanistan. 0

Epic beards culminate almost all of your brothers in war.With the Call of Duty series being at the top of its game there seems to be very little room or possibilities for other military shooters to carve out a niche in this ever growing landscape.        Medal of Honor was once a beloved series comprised of first person shooters devoted to the World War II era but as time passed on, Medal of Honor became an unappealing force to be reckoned with and was still stuck in the muddy pits of the secon...

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Medal of Honor single player review 0

The StoryI liked it, a lot. You play as multiple individuals from a few different teams. If you've played any of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare titles, you know what I mean. I tracked the Taliban, blew tons of things up (including an entire village, with an Apache), and sniped enemy combatants from one mountain to another. There's a lot of killing, advancing, and retreating to be done. The goodLet me begin with the audio. Right out of the gate I noticed what might be the best sounding game I'...

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Medal of Duty 0

Medal of Honor affords the gaming industry a unique opportunity to appraise the plainly lacklustre results inherent in derivative game design. For a game that was heavily marketed on the merits of its realistic depiction of warfare, it is quite frankly an experience overwhelmed by a slavish devotion to the distinctive formula established by the Call of Duty series. While wholly competent and often enjoyable in its own right, it’s simply impossible to ignore the fact that developers Danger Close ...

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Medal of Bronze 0

We all love FPS games. Some more then others. But, like it or not, the FPS genre is one of the biggest chunks in the video game industry. Just look at how many multi-million worth games we have - Killzone, Call of Duty, Battlefield, to name a few. And now, the rebooted Medal of Honor, a game that is (or better to say was) supposed to take the throne from CoD. It failed.   The Good It's a solid shooter, packed with action. The Bad No matter how ''solid'' it is, it's not original. The only additio...

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