lavaman77's Medal of Honor (PlayStation 3) review

Bloated Garbage Dressed in Medal of Honor's Clothes.

I've been playing the Medal of Honor series since the PS1 days. i've always liked them over the Call of Duty games for the realism and overall better campaign. when this game was announced i was excited, a Medal of Honor game set in Afghanistan threatening to dethrone MW2 is exactly what i wanted the franchise to do if it made a come back. 
Sadly i stand here today to warn you that Medal of Honor is the most glitch and bloated game so far released this generation.  how could they possibly mess up? there are some parts in the game where you really see what the game could've been if EA gave this game 6-8 months more of development. the fact that they used two different teams to make this game is probably the only thing that made me get this game. i'm going to break down the game into a couple of short sections.
- Graphic : 
This is easily might be the ugliest game released this year. jaggies on everything,  blurry models, texture pop ins. cardboard fire. cardboard explosions. there are sections in the game that look straight out of a PSP game! it's truly unbelievable that this game was developed on current-gen consoles using a heavily-modified popular engine that might have been the source of all problems. it's a joke really.
- Sound: 
When the sound is not stuttering all over the god damn place  this game NAILED the sounds of real guns. it's easily the game's crowning achievement, there is no weapon in the game that doesn't sound realistic or toy like. the sounds of bullets whirring over your head really makes you feel that you are on a living breathing battlefield.  
- Campaign Length: 
 The Campaign clocked in at 6 hours for me after dying a lot on normal. you could probably blow through this in 4 hours if you play it on the easiest difficulty.
- Multiplayer: 
This is the only reason why you would want to waste money on this game. the multiplayer is some-what the spritual successor of Call of Duty 4. however it's VERY stripped down with barely any power ups. the weapon unlocks are quite boring and each and every sniper behaves like a rifle with a normal ACOG which  makes you want to run around like a maniac using it as a rifle instead of sniping from a far location.
 The maps are very simliar and dull , there is nothing to destinguish each one from the other. i honestly thought that they would at least put some night maps which would have some very fun fights but nope.  if you played the beta aside from the freezes the MP is pretty much identical with 2-3 more maps.
 - Value: 
If you have a decent online connection then the multiplayer is good enough to last you a couple of months, but you'll get bored very fast since there are barely any game modes that add variety in the game and each map is tied with one mode only unique to it.  campaign wise this game isn't even worth a $1, there is no excuse on why there are so many glitches and pop-in's in the game. it's broken. it's not even pre-alpha. it's your choice but looking at October and November there are FAR more better game than this.
Score:  1.5 stars out of 5 
Garbage at it's best form.
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