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Medarot 2 Parts Collection is an RPG set in the Medarot universe. Like Parts Collection and Parts Collection 2 before it, 2 Parts Collection primarily exists as a way to quickly gain Medaparts to use in the main Medarot games. The game's engine is identical to Medarot 2's, except that the player receives a full set of Medaparts whenever he or she wins a Robattle.


The player assumes the role of Ikki Tenryou who, after being abducted by aliens and receiving either Warbandit or Smilodonad, searches for pieces of the Fiyun Stone. During his journey, he'll battle many familiar friends and foes.


As mentioned above, the game's turn-based battles are unchanged from Medarot 2. Each Medabot consists of a Medal, Head, Right Arm, Left Arm, and Feet, with the Head and Arms determining the weapons that can be used by the player. Once a weapon is chosen, the Medabot runs to the middle of the arena (at a speed based on the weapon and the Feet parts), uses the weapon, and retreats to their side of the field. The player then chooses another weapon and the process repeats. The Medabots' parts are destroyed as they take damage, and the destruction of the Head part eliminates the Medabot.

2 Parts Collection consists of twenty different levels. Each level has five rooms that generally contain a single Medafighter; they also feature different types of terrain, which may help or hinder the player's Medabots. Ikki must defeat every Medafighter on that level in order to advance to the next. Occasionally, Dr. Armond will appear as a midboss that Ikki must defeat in order to clear the level.

There are two types of battles: Normal and Special. In Special battles, Ikki uses a preset team, while the player can choose their own Medabots to use for Normal battles. Special battles are set up to emphasize a given Medabot's unique abilities.

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