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Very hard game to review... 0

I have spent many hours on reviews, not just on this site, but many others and i must say this has been a very hard game to review. It is going to be hard putting everything i love and hate about this game into a few paragraphs. That in itself just says how big this game is. Medieval II: Total War is the fourth game (not including expansions) in the Total War series, The first three were one of a kind for its time period, it was unheard of controlling massive armies in one single map, and cont...

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Total War? Yes and No 0

The Total War series gained alot of attention and respect when Rome Total War hit the Shelves in 2004, it was considered such a great game, how could any sequel hope to outdo it.2 years later here comes Medieval II: Total War, the direct sequel to the original Medieval Total War game that started the epicness of large scale land battles. In Medieval 2 their are over a dozen playable factions to choose from, with the majority being catholic nations, there are only a handful of Muslim factions and...

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Medieval 2: takes what's good about previous games and adds to it 0

The Total War franchise has always been one of large scale battles with hundreds on soldiers battling for their lives. Medieval 2 is no different to these past Total War games. It also offers so much more. The campaign of the game is where you will get the most gameplay out of. Not only is it packed full of stuff to do, but it combines turn-based strategy with epic 3D battles that the franchise has made its own. It does take long to get the used to how the game works. You pick a faction to play...

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Medieval II Total War PC Review 0

In the game Medieval II: Total War, you must lead 1 of 17 kingdoms to total domination using trade, religion, espionage, alliances, and military might to achieve this glorious victory. You start out with a couple of factions first, but you must destroy other factions to unlock them. Each faction has its strengths and weaknesses and units from splendidly armored French Knights to Spanish Conquistadors. The game commences in turns and each turn is 2 years. The game spans from 1080 to 1530 so there...

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Total war-total bummer 0

  The game is turn based with the ability to play RTS with your armies. The game looks great and is a joy to zoom in on your soldiers and watch the animations of their hand to hand contact.   The battles are on a big scale but there is 4 unit number scale if you want to scale up or down e.g. on huge you might have 80 arches in a group and on very small only 10.   All cities can be auto managed and it’s much easier to do that than micro manage. So you may only be moving you armies and not micro...

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Still the best Total War Game 0

I am a man of opinions. You may have figured that out already. I often ramble on and on from dusk until dawn about opinions. After all, without opinions, what exactly is a man?So it will be little shock to you when I say that Medieval II is, in my opinion, the best Total War game and, in my opinion, Empire sucks the mightiest of cocks.Medieval II seemed intimidating at first. It boasts a large amount of "new" features (I put new in quotes because they were new at the time, while they are curious...

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