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Medigoron is a massive Goron and younger brother of Biggoron. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, he resides in Goron City in Death Mountain. Medigoron is a blacksmith and he manufactures Goron's Swords available for purchase for 200 rupees. His blade is called the Giant's Knife. This is a large and powerful weapon that requires Link to use both of his hands in order to wield it. However, the blade snaps after four hits and three if the hits are against walls. The broken, stubby blade can technically still be used, but it is very short and it deals as much damage as a Deku Stick. Link can buy another Giant's Knife if it breaks, and it will be able to endure two more hits. The maximum amount of hits it can take is eight, but it still only lasts three hits if Link strikes at a wall. Medigoron's older brother Biggoron is also a blacksmith. However, Biggoron is much more skilled and can manufacture a blade that is just like the Giant's Knife except it will never break.

Medigoron also appears in the alternate universe of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Once Link lifts the freezing curse over Snowhead, he has access to Medigoron's bomb shop. Link, in his Goron Darmani form, can purchase a Powder Keg if he shows that he can carry one all the way over to the blocked entrance of the Goron's Racetrack in order to destroy the boulder.

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