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National Pokédex No. #307
Species:  Meditate Pokémon
Type: Fighting/Psychic
Abilities: Pure Power (Raises the Pokémon's Attack stat.)
Hidden Ability: Telepathy (Anticipates an ally's attack and dodges it.)
Height: 2'00"
Weight: 24.7lbs


It evolves into Medicham at level 37.

Pokédex Entries

Ruby: Meditite undertakes rigorous mental training deep in the mountains. However, whenever it meditates, this Pokémon always loses its concentration and focus. As a result, its training never ends. 
Sapphire: Meditite heightens its inner energy through meditation. It survives on just one berry a day. Minimal eating is another aspect of this Pokémon's training. 
Emerald: It continually meditates for hours every day. As a result of rigorous and dedicated yoga training, it has tempered its spiritual power so much it can fly. 
Firered/Leafgreen: It never skips its daily yoga training. It heightens its inner strength through meditation. 
Diamond: It eats just one berry a day. By enduring hunger, its spirit is tempered and made sharper. 
Pearl: It never misses its daily yoga workouts, and it heightens its spiritual power through meditation. 
Platinum: It always trains deep in mountains. It levitates when it heightens its spiritual power through meditation. 
Heartgold/Soulsilver: It meditates to heighten its inner energy and to float in the air. It eats one berry a day. 
Black/White: It always trains deep in mountains. It levitates when it heightens its spiritual power through meditation.

Physical Appearance

Meditite appears to be meditating due to it's posture, normal Meditites are Blue and White while Shiny Meditites are Red and White.

Gender Differences

Male Meditites ears are higher placed than the females.
Males and Females appear evenly in the game

Move Set (Level-up Set) Generation V

Starting Move - Bide
Level 4 - Meditate
Level 8 - Confusion
Level 11 - Detect
Level 15 - Hidden Power
Level 18 - Mind Reader
Level 22 - Feint 
Level 25 - Calm Mind
Level 29 - Force Palm
Level 32 - High Jump Kick
Level 36 - Psych up
Level 39 - Acupressure
Level 43 - Power Trick
Level 46 - Reversal
Level 50 - Recover

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