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Meg is seventeen years old and the eldest child of the Griffin family. She is a senior at James Woods High School located in her hometown of Quahog, Rhode Island. She currently resides at 31 Spooner Street with her parents and siblings.

Clothing & Appearance  

Meg is typically found dressed in the same pair of blue pants, a pink short sleeve shirt with white ringed collars and her trade-marked pink beanie/skull-cap. She also commonly wears a pair of large, round glasses. Meg is considered very unattractive by the other characters of the show, although the family dog Brian has hit on her during moments of drunken weakness, as has local Quahog pervert Glen Quagmire. Both Meg and other characters often comment about her being overweight, but she is not drawn in a way that makes this an obvious physical trait, like the obesity of her father, Peter, and brother, Chris. 

Personality & Psychological Issues

Much like a typical teenage girl, Meg has some serious self-esteem and body-image issues. These feelings of low self-worth are dangerously reinforced by her family, whom constantly degrade and humiliate her both physically and verbally. In at least one episode, Meg admits to cutting herself, one assumes due to these combined psychological issues. She is in constant search of attention, and is frequently ignored by her family. She has posed as a lesbian and engaged in aural sex as a form of attention seeking behavior.  

Past Relationships   

Despite her physical temperance, Meg has nevertheless been romantically linked to several characters during the Family Guy series. Her foremost love interest has been local nerd and audio/visual enthusiast Neil Goldman. They have dated off and on several times through the various episodes, but Meg typically shuns Neil's advances.
Other relationships include a brief fling with a lesbian, Sarah, and a nudist, Jeff Campbell. Meg also engaged in a romantic but non-sexual relationship with Adam West, Mayor of Quahog.  Meg has engaged in aural sex, or penetration of the ear canal, with a teen named Doug. Doug is also the boy who dumps Meg after seeing her naked, prior to the first time they were to have intercourse. Meg also briefly dated Kevin, Joe Swansons' son, before he died in Iraq. 

Voice Actors  

Meg has been voiced by several different people over the years. In the pilot episode, her voice was that of Rachael MacFarlane, and in the show's first full season she was voiced by Lacey Chabert. The current voice actor is Mila Kunis, of "That '70s Show" fame.

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